February 2017 Minutes

February 2017 Minutes
Bruce Walker KE7SJZ President
Ray Harbeck KG7RAU Vice President
Eric Anderson AC7V Treasurer
Falicia Anderson KF7TAH Secretary
Harley Leach KI7XF
Anne Harbeck KG7RAS
Cody Harbeck KG7TLQ
Tori Harbeck
Leon Helms N6VS
Peggy Helms KA6PEG
David Hohmann AG7DF
Jim Hall AA8Y
Don Godward N7FLT
Cyrus Smith NU7Q
David Schwehr KG7CCY
Shaelynn Schweir
Jerry Gregoire KD7WLX
Don Wilson KC7EWZ
Rich Michau W7AMT
Steve Paul N7SMP
Jerry McDonald W7FVB
Steve Seitel KI7JXE
Larry Hayden KF7L
Ralph Bergantine KC7PFH
Pat Sands AE7NZ

Call to Order: Bruce Walker KE7SJZ called the meeting to order @7:00 PM. Followed by introductions.
Minutes: Minutes accepted
Treasurer’s report: Beginning Balance of $1,146.26, collected $318.00 in dues, paid $320.00 for insurance. Ending balance of $1,144.26
-Remember Dues for 2017; $10 for student, $20 for single member, $25 for family. Please give check or cash to Eric Anderson AC7V, there is no PayPal account at this time
Ham test: Next test session will be in March
ERA: Ray Harbeck KG7RAU-Good, still need $8,400 for the Bridger Ridge building
A2 site: replaced link
-Remember Dues for 2017, suggested annual $30, can be paid online with PayPal
-If donating a large amount please do so through a check and not through PayPal as PayPal takes a big % of donation
SAR: Don Godward N7FLT-Nothing
88 Net: There’s been some activity. Five check-ins this week, last week there were eight
Foxhunt: Harley Leach KI7XF- “When it warms up”
HF: MTQSO-mediocre
MSU Ham;
Club-David Schwehr KG7CCY-No meeting has been held yet. Down to 4 members
Class-Started a week ago, 8-10 in class

Old Business:
• The Holiday Dinner was on January 21stat Johnny Corinos. It was good. Twenty five to thirty people showed up. Thank you Anne Harbeck KG7RAS for planning the dinner
• Noise on the Marla; Harley Leach KI7XF- Have not heard anything, think it maybe be aprs interference
• Ham/Prepper Fest: Ray Harbeck KG7RAU-Nothing new, no one has responded for reserving a venue
• Winter Field Day was January 28th and 29th at Battle Ridge campground. Bands were not good, made about 100 contacts in 24 hours. Chili was good. Had about 25 people in and out all weekend. Thank you to Wayd Walker WA7YD for getting this together

New Business: None

Announcements: None

Meeting Adjourned @ 7:18 PM

Presentation: Thanks to Harley Leach KI7XF for an intriguing presentation on the WWII ENIGMA machines

Minutes respectfully submitted by Falicia Anderson KF7TAH

Gallatin Ham Radio Club address:
PO Box 4381
Bozeman, MT, 59772