March 2017 Minutes

March 2017 Minutes
Bruce Walker KE7SJZ President
Ray Harbeck KG7RAU Vice President
Eric Anderson AC7V Treasurer
Falicia Anderson KF7TAH Secretary
Harley Leach KI7XF
Anne Harbeck KG7RAS
Cody Harbeck KG7TLQ
Tori Harbeck
David Hohmann AG7DF
Jim Hall AA8Y
Don Godward N7FLT
Norm Reger KD7TQM
Renee Reger KF7DER
Neil Ramhorst KL7JGS
Wayd Walker WA7YD
Curtis DeVault KB7GIS
Sheldon Harms KI7JCB
Charlie Lehmann AG7BF
Cyrus Smith NU7Q
Michael Andersen N7DAY

Call to Order: Bruce Walker KE7SJZ called the meeting to order @7:00 PM. Followed by introductions
Minutes: Minutes accepted with some call sign and name spelling corrections, sorry everyone
Treasurer’s report: Beginning Balance of $1,144.26, collected $135.00 in dues. Ending balance of $1,279.26
-Remember Dues for 2017; $10 for student, $20 for single member, $25 for family. Please give check or cash to Eric Anderson AC7V, there is no PayPal account at this time
Ham test: March 4th
ERA: Ray Harbeck KG7RAU-ok, 82 repeater Big Sky patch
-MARLA dues go to Harley Leach KI7XF
-Remember Dues for 2017, suggested annual $30, can be paid online with PayPal
SAR: Don Godward N7FLT-Quiet
88 Net: Eight to ten check-ins weekly
88 net is every Tuesday at 8 P.M. on the 88 repeater
Foxhunt: Harley Leach KI7XF- starting some
MSU Ham;
Club-Nothing reported
Class- Nothing reported

Old Business:
• Noise on the Marla; Harley Leach KI7XF- It’s been fixed and have not heard anything. The controller was scramble. The transmitter was stuck on for six weeks
• Ham/Prepper Fest: Ray Harbeck KG7RAU-Nothing new
• Building up Bridger; Neil Ramhorst KL7JGS-Old lease expires soon. We will have over seven years to pay for the building and construction will not start for a while
• Antenna/home owner’s bill has been reintroduced and is in the senate. There is a link on AARL if you’d like to send letters to the senate. The more letters the better

New Business:
• Lone Peak Antenna was broken by the wind and will be replaced soon
• There was talk about the repeaters in Gardiner, Livingston and Paradise Valley

Announcements: None

Meeting Adjourned @ 7:38 PM

Presentation: Thanks to Harley Leach KI7XF for “further study and facts on the Enigma Machines”
Presentation next month: Ray Harbeck KG7RAU-Montana program from Harley’s laminated map and hand programming the baofeng

Minutes respectfully submitted by Falicia Anderson KF7TAH

Gallatin Ham Radio Club address:
PO Box 4381
Bozeman, MT, 59772