Get Started!

Get Started In Ham Radio

So, you want to be a ham radio operator?  Or maybe you want to know WHY you should want to be a ham radio operator?  Either way, this is the right place.  At the Gallatin Ham Radio Club, we welcome you to the wonderful adventure of Amateur Radio!

Things to do in Amateur (ham) Radio:

Talk to friends and family who have ham licenses.
Make new friends.
Join in on group ham activities, meetings, coffee break, contests and more!
Join a local repeater net.
Join HamSAR – local ham radio search and rescue operations with the County.
Go National, and join ARES or RACES.
Join SKYWARN and become a weather spotter.
Get on Packet and talk around the valley to those “on the cluster”.
There is SO much more!!!


No Morse Code requirement exists for any class of license.
Technician      General       Extra

Study for your exam:

“The ARRL Ham Radio License Manual — All you need to become an Amateur Radio Operator”

Radios to get started?  There are many entry level radios to get started with.  If you want, you can post to our reflector list for used handhelds – or you can buy one from

There are many ways to get started.  This should give you some things to think about.

You can learn from a computer program, the web, CDs or with a tutor (an Elmer).   If you are interested in talking with someone in the club about becoming a ham, simply send us an email and we’ll hook you up.

Ready to take a test and get your license?  Click here for a list of test venues and dates.

So contact us today and you’ll be on your way to enjoying the fun of being an amateur radio operator tomorrow!!