By-Laws (Old)






PREAMBLE:  We the members of the GHRC, being desirous to secure for ourselves the pleasures and benefits of the association of persons commonly interested in Amateur Radio, do hereby constitute ourselves the Gallatin Ham Radio Club, and do enact this constitution as our governing law.


MEMBERSHIP:Sec. 1: All Persons interested in Amateur Radio shall be eligible for membership.

Sec. 2: Membership regulations shall be provided in the by-laws.

OFFICERS: Sec. 1: The officers or this club shall be:

  1. President
  2. Vice-President
  3. Secretary-Treasurer

Sec. 2: The officers of this club shall be elected for a term of one year at the January meeting.

Sec. 3: Vacancies occurring between elections must be filled by special ballot, at the first regular meeting following the withdrawal or resignation.

Sec. 4: Officers may be removed by a vote of three-fourths of the total membership.

Sec. 5: The President shall preside at all meetings or this club, and conduct the same according to the rules adopted; he shall enforce due observance of this constitution and by-laws; decide all questions of order; sign all official documents that are adopted by the club and perform all customary duties pertaining to the office of President.

Sec. 6: The vice-president shall assume all the duties of the President in the absence of the latter and is the program chairman for club meetings.

Sec. 7: The secretary-treasurer shall keep a record of all meetings, keep a roll of members, carry on all correspondence, read communications at each meeting, receive and receipt for all monies, paid to the club, keep an accurate record of all monies received and expended, shall pay no bill without proper authorization from the club or its officers constituting a business committee.  At the end of his term he shall submit his records to an audit by two club members that have been appointed by the President and will turn over to his successor everything in his   possession belonging to the club.



MEETINGS:           The by-laws shall provide for regular and special meetings.  All meetings shall require the presence of at least 33% of the members to establish a quorum for the transaction of business.


DUES:               The club, by majority vote of those present at any regular meeting, may establish such dues as shall be deemed necessary for the business of the organization in support of its objectives. Non-Payment of such dues shall be cause for loss of club membership if so decided by a majority vote of those present at any regular metering.


COMMITTEE           The President may appoint club members to the technical committee. This committee will provide technical advice to members concerning equipment design and operation to assist in complete frequency observance, clean signals, uniform practice, and absence of spurious radiations from club-member stations.



This constitution or its by-laws may be amended by a two-thirds vote of the total membership. Proposals for amendments shall be submitted at a regular meeting and may not be voted on until the next regular meeting. Voting may be by absentee ballot.




It shall be the duty of   the Secretary to keep the Constitution and By-Laws of the Gallatin Amateur Ham Club and have same with him at every regular and special meeting. He shall cause all amendments, changes and additions to be noted thereon and shall permit the same to be consulted by members upon request.


Applications for membership shall be submitted at a regular meeting. Each applicant must express a willingness to abide by the constitution and its bylaws and such rules as shall from time to time be promulgated by the club.


Regular meetings shall be held at such a time and place as shall be selected by the membership. Special Meetings may be called by the President or upon writ-ten request of any five members of the club. Notices shall be sent to all the members informing them of the special meetings and the business to be transacted. Members must be notified at least twenty four hours before the special meeting.