December Minutes 2019

December 5, 2019



Bruce Walker KE7SJZ President

Norm Reger KD7TQM Vice President

Eric Anderson AC7V Treasurer

Falicia Anderson KF7TAH Secretary

Gary Gramer KI7QVZ

Rich Michau W7AMT

Neil Ramhorst KL7JGS

Renee Reger KF7DER

Ralph Bergantine KC7PFH

Jim Drummond WA7MKN

Harley Leach KI7XF


Stan Horst KA6ZFL

David Hohmann AG7DF

Jim Halfpenny K9YNP

Curtis DeVault  W0GIS

Todd Gahagan WA7U

Leon Helms N6VS

Glenn Bradbury AG7MH

Lawrence Dynueson

Kyle Molcolm

Erica Brackett

Hudson Bassett




Call to Order: Bruce Walker KE7SJZ called the meeting to order @7:00 PM.

Minutes: Approved. All minutes can be found on Gallatin Ham Webpage:

Treasurer’s Report: Eric Anderson AC7V Treasurer; starting balance of $1,482.10, income of $75, no expenses, ending balance $1,482.10

Ham test: Next Session is December 7th. May possibly be a test session later in December as well

ERA: Harley Leach KI7XF; electing new officers in January 2020

SAR: Curtis DeVault W0GIS; 4 calls outs. A few calls due to spot beacons being accidently activated

88 Net: Neil Ramhorst KL7JGS; three to four check-ins. It is going

Foxhunt: Harley Leach KI7XF; haven’t had any, may try a hunt in the snow

HF: nothing reported

DMR: Rich Michau W7AMT; made a few contacts worldwide, one from Germany.

  • Montana APRS Net/Montana Talk Group; is held Saturday at 7. There is usually fifteen to twenty check-ins from all over MT there has even been a few form other states. 3130

APRS: Neil Ramhorst KL7JGS; Mandeville has a new antenna, new ups and new switch. Highflats has been rewired. An IGate might be installed at Horse Butte

NYAR/Gardiner repeater: David Hohmann AG7DF; the dipole was lost (quit working) and has been replaced with a new trim antenna. All is up and running

Old Business:

  • Cycle Greater Yellowstone: Jim Halfpenny K9YNP-asking for help for next year’s ride. CGY will take place sometime in August. CGY will be starting in Butte (2020) the schedule is out on the webpage. The ride will take six to eight (longer than usual) days to complete. You can volunteer for as many or as few days as you’d like
  • Holiday Dinner: Don Wilson KC7EWZ is checking into Farmhouse Café

 New Business:


  • Bruce Walker KE7SJZ has resigned for President. Norm Reger KD7TQM has resigned from Vice President. These spots were not filled at Decembers Meeting. The vice president position may be eliminated and the president position may be filled monthly by members of the GHRC

~If you would like to hold on of these positions please contact Falicia Anderson KF7TAH @

  • Treasurer and secretary office holders will stay the same. However if you are interested in one of these positions please don’t hesitate, talk to Falicia KF7TAH


Vice President:

Treasurer: Eric Anderson AC7V

Secretary: Falicia Anderson KF7TAH



  • Thank you to all office holders new and old! Your volunteer efforts are much appreciated, not only in the GHRC but ERA, MRLA, SAR, Ham test Examiners and more. Thank you to all the “behind the scenes” volunteers. Those volunteers include all who keep our repeaters maintained and working properly. Thank you to all who keep the SAR building clean and stocked and in working order. We have many volunteers that go unnoticed. Thank you to everyone for the gift of time and or financial support! We appreciate everything you do!
  • Next Ham Meeting is January 3rd 2020
  • Patrick asks that if you/we use the meeting room to please put away and clean up after. Thank you
  • Curtis DeVault W0GIS will be updating the computer in the ham room to windows 10
  • Paul Stiles KF7SOJ, Section Manager asks that all Hams check out the ARRL Facebook page for Montana and add your comments or any info you may have on other clubs in the area.

 GHRC 2020 EVENTS Schedule

  • Winter Field Day:
  • Field Day:
  • Bridger Ridge Run:
  • Cycle Greater Yellowstone: Jim Halfpenny K9YNP; August
  • Belgrade Fall Fest:

Presentation: Bozeman High School NASA Hunch Team; Glenn Bradbury AG7MH, Lawrence Dynueson, Kyle Molcolm, Erica Brackett, Hudson Bassett. Great presentation guys! Good Luck

Presentation Schedule:



~ If you’d like to do a presentation please talk to Norm Reger KD7TQM or bring it up at the next meeting


Meeting Adjourned @ 7:40 P.M.


Minutes respectfully submitted by Falicia Anderson KF7TAH

  • All minutes can be found on W7ED Website:


W7ED Club Information:

Gallatin Ham Radio Club address: GHRC, PO Box 4381, Bozeman, MT, 59772

W7ED Website:

Facebook: Montana Ham Radio

Email group (yahoo group)/Reflector:



Yearly Due Information:

-GHRC Dues; $10 for student, $20 for single member, $25 for family. Please give check or cash to

            Eric Anderson AC7V GHRC Treasurer, there is no PayPal account at this time

– ERA Dues; Suggested annual $30, can be paid online with PayPal

-MRLA Dues; Donation based: suggested annual due of $50. Paid to Harley Leach KI7XF