MRLA – Montana Repeater Link Association

Montana Repeater Link Association

So, what is MRLA?  It’s an association that maintains and pays for the maintenance of the Montana Repeater Link System.
Montana Repeater Link Association Repeaters
Location Call Sign MHz Tone Offset
Pompeys Pillar  WR7MT  147.180  123.0  +
Billings  WR7MT 147.080 100.0  +
Greycliff  WR7MT 147.280 100.0 +
Livingston K9YNP 146.920 100.0
Gardiner K9YNP 146.980 100.0 +
Bozeman WR7MT  147.180 100.0 +
Three Forks WR7MT  147.380  100.0  +
Townsend W7MRI  147.320  100.0  +
Helena W7MRI  145.450  100.0
Great Falls AA7GS  146.680  100.0
Sweetgrass AA7GS 147.080 100.0 +
You can access the  Intermountain Intertie a/k/a “Snowbird Link”  in Utah by using the following DTMF tones:     

DTMF 196 = ON      DTMF 197 = OFF

Please note that the link auto-times off in 30 minutes after NO activity from Montana.

Donations should be sent to:
MRLA c/o
Allan Overcast
4890 Vandaveer Rd.
Billings, Montana 59101

If you want to contribute to the system (especially if you are a user of those repeaters) you may give contributions to KI7XF, Harley, at any GHRC Meeting.


Harley’s repeater maps have all the MRLA linked repeaters on it.  It’s a PDF of about 90K.