Classes (Test Prep)

Amateur Radio License Preparation Classes

I offer Classes aimed at Preparing for the Amateur Radio License Examination each semester at MSU. I am also willing to hold classes at other times or for specific groups (of three or more).

These are unofficial classes there is no MSU credit there is no fee for the class. However there is a $14 fee to take the Exam. There will be an Official Exam Session when the classes are complete.

I use ARRL License Manual as its text. I have them available for $30 or to loan.

There are three classes available one for each of the Three License Classes. I will be willing to teach a class if 3 or more students want to take the class. I will try to schedule the classes around the available times of the interested students. (I prefer that each class meet once a week for 2 hours usually on a weekday afternoon or evening.)

The Three Classes available are:

Technician – This is the introductory class of Amateur Radio License. (Will require 16 to 20 Hours of class time)

General – This is the middle level of Amateur Radio License. This class will assume that the student already has a Technician License (will require 20 to 24 hours of class time)

Extra – This is the top level of Amateur radio License. This class will assume that the student already has a General License (will require 24 to 28 hours of class time)

The Morse Code is no longer required for any class of Amateur Radio License, but it is still used extensively. However I am also willing to teach a class for students who would like to learn the Code.

If you are interested in any of the classes please contact me

Thank You

Larry Springer – K6PJ

406 624 6686