Gallatin Ham Radio Club

Minutes for April 7, 2011

In attendance:

Kathi Gregoire, N7UNI

Robert Waldeiselt, KE7SJY

Dave Ford, KE7CAP

Jack Myers, N7ODN

Jim Godward, AC7PO

Rich Michau, KF7LVE

Jim Hall, AA8Y

Don Regli, KI7OJ

Lee Evans, KE7HAN

Larry Springer, K6PJ

Wayd Walker, KF7LVF

Vivian Linden, K7CUB

Ric Helvey, KB7KB

Karen Schunke

Bob Bare, KF7BBL

Eric Anderson, KF7OLR

Falicia Anderson

Tim Schaber, KF7MCL

Allan Schrum, AI4RO

Jerry Gregoire, KD7WLX

Meeting was called to order by President Jim Hall, AA8Y at 7pm.


March minutes were approved.

Treasurers Report: $2,973.12

Committee Reports:

VE: special testing session Monday, April 11 at MSU in EPS building room #108

ERA: board met just prior to GHRC meeting to discuss summer repairs of .82-.88 link, replacement of .88 antenna and phasing harness. Replacement of .88 antenna and phasing harness potentially from donation of antenna and phasing harness. Financially ERA has about $1,800 in outstanding bills. Made a request of $1,000 from GHRC and will match that with $700 from ERA to get close to being paid up. GHRC approved giving ERA $1,000.

School Club: will be doing a session on soldering.

.88 net: 15 check ins last week. Openings for net control.

Fox Hunting: CQ World Wide Foxhunt May 7th. Requested $100 for picnic food for participants of May 7 CQ World Wide Foxhunt. Discussion if donation of said food could replace $100. Motion to give requested $100 if no food donation. Approved.

HF: discussion on pros and cons NVIS antennas.

Announcements: None

Old business: request for presenters to do programs.

New business: The Belgrade Fall Festival assumed hams would not be available to help since it is the same day as Hamfest. Jim Godward volunteered to contact the Fall Festival and clear up any misunderstanding.

There will be a new repeater linked to the MRLA in the Kalispell area.

Meeting adjourned at 7:25pm

Program: Rich Michau, KF7LVE did a presentation & update on Hamfest.

Respectfully submitted by Kathi Gregoire, substituting for Don Wilson