April 2013 Minutes


Jerry Gregoire KD7WLX Vice President

Eric Anderson KF7OLR Treasurer

Falicia Anderson KF7TAH Secretary

Don Wilson KC7EWZ

Harley Leach KI7XF

Bruce Walker KE7SJZ

Jim Hall AA8Y

Don Godward N7FLT

Dave Ford KE7CAP

Rich Michau W7AMT

Wayd Walker KF7LVF

David Schwehr KG7CCY

Kathi Gregoire N7UNI

Pat Sands AE7NZ

David Schattilly AD7BK

Jack Myers N7ODN

Ted Hundtoft KA7QCY

Ralf Bergantine KC7PFH


Jerry Gregoire KD7WLX called the meeting to order @ 7:03 PM. Followed by introductions.


Old Business:

Minutes approved with minor adjustments. 404 contacts were made at the school club roundup not 104.

~Don Wilson KC7EWZ approved, seconded by Rich Michau W7AMT


Treasurer's report: Presented by KF7OLR

Collected $95.00 Ending Balance of $2,742.72

~Discussed yearly expenses

~Reminder: Dues are due for 2013; $20 for Individual, $25 for family.

VE Testing: Held on Saturday March 9. There were 4 participants; 2 new technicians, 1 extra upgrade, 1 general upgrade

~Possible tests before scheduled test (Held on the Saturday following the first Thursday every 3 months)

~ Jack Myers N7ODN is downsizing and will have several radios by the end of the month email Jack @ n7odn@imt.net if interested.

~Reflector explanation was given for the new hams present.

ERA: Kathy Gregoire N7UNI, ERA representative, gave an update after the meeting.

SAR: Event; 21 yr. old male was hurt on Blackmore, Summit Air was called.

~SAR overview

~Heli use and short haul use was discussed

School Club: Kids soldered LED kits, there were 3 stations.

~Thanks to Wayd Walker KF7LVF for helping!

88 Net: There were no check in’s this week.

~The 88 Net is held every Tuesday night at 8pm on 146.88 –offset 100mghrtz tone. Anyone is welcomed!

Foxhunt: There will be one on Sat., weather permitting, will post on reflector. Frequency; 144.03

~Foxhunt overview

HF: Spotty, stinks in general

Roster: Current roster was gone over, thanks Don Wilson KC7EWZ! The 2013 roster will be available at the May meeting.

Greater Yellowstone Cycle No new news.


New Business:

Field Day: June 22-23, 2013

~Discussion was held on where to have field day, Dale Heidner W7NAV will be gone but we can still use his land. Bruce Walker KE7SJZ offered his land as well. Tower trailer is at Dales. Dales land was approved, Don Godward N7FLT motioned and Harley Leach KI7XF seconded the motion.

~Field Day overview

~Details about this year’s field day will be at the next meeting

Public Service Event, Bozeman Triathlon changed date to June 23rd 2013. Discussion was held whether or not to participate in this event because it falls on field day. Rich Michau W7AMT motioned to Not Do, Don Godward N7FLT seconded motion.

Donation discussion to whom to donate to was held. Rich motioned to give $250 to each of the MARLA and the ERA. Dave Ford KE7CAP seconded the motion.





·         Can anyone offer to bring snacks for next month? They can be bought; they don't have to be homemade snacks.


Adjourned at 8:05 PM by Jerry Gregoire KD7WLX


Thanks to Kathi Gregoire N7UNI for the ERA update.


Respectfully submitted,

Falicia Anderson KF7TAH