GHRC Meeting April 7, 2005


Meeting called to order at 19:05 by Dave KE7CAP


Sec. Report: Minutes on web site


Treas. Report: $2284


Announcements: none


Committee Reports: Don, KC7EWX , gave a SAR ( search and rescue) report.


Jeff, AA7GK, gave a report that a consulting firm is looking at all the repeater sites in

5 county area, Madison, Gallatin, Park, Meager and Sweet Grass counties. They are

to make recommendations as to the strengths of weakness of the systems in these



Don, KC7EWZ, gave a report on the search in Park County. Gallatin County SAR

was called on for assistance. Don, KC7EWZ, and Jack, N7ODN, went to deploy the

portable repeater and Don, N7FLT, stayed at the Gallatin county SAR building to

provide communications and mapping. Park County has a very small search and

rescue group.


Old Business: none


New Business: Harley, KI7XF, talked about the club having fox hunts



Program: Laura, KJ7UN, and Don, N7FLT, gave and excellent talk on the ARRL Emergency

communication course.


Meeting over at 20:24