Minutes of the April 7, 2007 GHRC meeting:

People present:

DON WILSON                      KC7EWZ


HARLEY LEACH               KI7XF

JIM GODWARD                  AC7PO

Don GODWARD                N7FLT

RIC HELVEY                      KB7KB

nORM rEGER                    KD7TQM


david ford                      ke7cap

don reglie                      ki7oj

les scheidt                     ac7ry

todd gahagan              wa7u

mal goosey                    n7gs

jack myers                     n7odn

ray babcock                 ad7rb

bob leo                              w7lr

jim hall                            aa8y

JOHN BENSON                   N7JLD

KURT BORGE                    KC7PFG

DUANE BENSON                KE7HAQ

LEE EVANS                         KE7HAN


ROB MAHER                       KE7KEM

DAVID SESSOMS               KE7CMZ

DALE HEIDNER                 W7NAV

IRMA HEIDNER                 XYL


Introductions: 7 pm


Secretary’s Report: accepted.


Treasures report: $790.00





AD7RB:. Exam session next sat. EOC conference room. 9 am.

KC7EWZ: Voad next Thursday

KE7X: qst’s available.



Dave KE7CAP – Airport/ Will get w/ Dave Marrow from the airport and make arrangements for tower relocation at the old airport terminal. – Reminder that Joel, did find some possibilities for concrete donations.


Ki7xf – Buck Ridge – main radio changed, repeater changed – some coax changed – Seems to receive a little better than it talks.  Russ took pictures and Laura posted them to the w7wed site. 


Bike-athon- no report. Randy Pickering from Livingston is in charge.


VE: march exams went well, 


ERA: w7lr nothing


School club projects – Studying and building antennas.


 Fox hunting : KI7XF – does club want  continue funding pizza – Lowered their rates to 1.50 / person.  165 hiders  5 people / hunt 248 $ so far.  Cap 1st ray 2nd

Passed unanimously.


OLD Business:  none


New Business :

Field Day:  6 - 23-24

            FLT- parts for Mosley Beam – work party for changing parts:

            Dale has a tower for 20 M beam.

            Dale will check w/ neighbors for OK on fox hunt.


            IF FOX hunt could we start earlier: 

            Pot luck Sat 5:30 ish bring own meat

            Norm and Gregoirs will provide tables

            Tables – Dale has two

            Porta-Potti Norm:


            10 meter net – Norm 28.405 designated. 

            2 Meter net – Ray – Mitch –


KI7XF – Flyers for WYMU:


Meeting adjourned 7:50