March GHRC meeting notes.

The VP, AD6OL, called the meeting to order, followed by introductions. Meeting attendance was very low, due to a blizzard that closed several highways.

Newsletter problems were discussed. Use of Adobe version 5 solves these problems.

The treasurer reported a balance of $1375.

June 7,8,9 in Gardiner will be an engine academy fire camp.

AA7GK reported progress on the IRLP project, including moving 525 to the Baxter.

WA7U said we may need a new autopatch.

AA7GK said that the Com Tech school is still on.

N7ODN reported on book efforts some to the library, and some still in inventory. He will order new books for those who request that.

VE exam scheduled for Saturday.

Glacier/Waterton hamfest July 19,20,21.

N7ODN presented a fine program on analog and digital oscilloscopes.

AD6OL reported that there will be the regular GHRC meeting 4th. There will also be a special meeting for a WTC presentation April 11th. Both at Sacajewa Middle School.

Robert Leo, W7LR Secretary March 14th 2002