2011 12 01 GHRC Minutes

  1. AA8Y, Jim Hall called the meeting to order at 19:00

  2. Present:

AA8Y Hall Jim

AC7RY Scheidt Les

AI4RO Schrum Allan

K6PJ Springer Larry

K7CUB Linden Vivian

KD7WLX Gregoire Jerry

KF7LVE Rich Michau

KF7QDO Joe Gaston

KI7XF Leach Harley

N7FLT Godward Don

N7ODN Myers Jack

W7FVB McDonald Jerry

WA7U Gahagan Todd

  1. Treasury – Harley reported that we have $2,479.19. N7FLT made a motion that we spend the 19 cents. It was agreed that we could get nothing for 19 cents.

  2. VE –

    1. Harley announced that there will be an exam Sat 12/3/2011 9:00 am at the SAR Building. 9 from the university, up to 13 others. VEs needed!

    2. Larry will possibly do another set of classes beginning Spring Semester, (Actually middle of winter for the rest of us – Early Jan), He will do Tech, Gen, and Extra

    3. Larry would like a link to contact him on the W7ED site if people want to contact for classes.

  3. ERA/Repeaters – Harley reports that the 88 iso pole antenna is back on courthouse after the county folks kindly took it down. + offset is still down.

  4. SAR – N7FLT reports all is quiet

  5. School – K7CUB:

    1. We have a great group of kids. Many thanks to those monitoring the 447.95 and talking with them.

    2. Contest in Feb

  6. 88 Net – K7CUB: going well. Always could use more net people.

  7. Fox Hunting – KI7XF: Will begin after first of year per interest.

  8. HF

    1. N7FLT: Band have been great

    2. WA7U: Gene Shea, KB7Q, and Fred Cady, KE7X are in Bahamas. Currently rocking the airwaves in 3rd place in world contest. Congrats!

  9. QSTs

    1. K6PJ: MSU Sat doing well. Bit deaf. Need someone that can provide kW class 70cm amp, cost not an issue. KB7Q was suggested as one who does good work.

    2. Books – N7ODN: club has RF design book. Needs to sell club price $26.77.

    3. Jan Meeting – KI7XF: Remember Jan 5 meeting will be at Fire station 3, (Dinosaur park on Davis). Enter through the west doors.

  10. Hamfest: KF7LVE – Vendors would like a two day ham fest. We discussed the feasibility of it, looking to the now defunct WIMU’s successes and defeats. Rich would like to consider having it in a hotel on N 7th. Allan motioned, Jerry seconded that Rich proceed to investigate costs and feasibility and report back to GHRC Jan. The motion also noted that the Hamfest committee is empowered to proceed as they see fit. Motion passed.

  11. New officers – KD7WLX

    1. Recognition of KI7XF and KE7EWZs contribution over the years. Presented with a gift certificate for ACE hardware.

    2. Motion by KD7WLX and several others to reimburse Ralph Bergantine $40 for the cost of the cards. Motion passed. KD7WLX will get check to Ralph.

    3. Uncontested positions: Presented, KF7LVE and W7AU motioned that uncontested positions be voted on as a slate. Motion carried, new officers are:

      1. President – KD7WLX

      2. VP – AI4RO

      3. Secretary – K7CUB

    4. Treasurer: KI7XF, AC7RY

      1. With candidates absent AC7RY was voted in. Harley says ‘I’m off the hook!’

  12. Program schedule for 2012

    1. KD7WLX and AI4RO gave a lengthy rah-rah for the program aspect of the meeting, encouraging people to offer their skill set. Good discussion followed. 2012 will be a good year!

  13. Close – KD7WLX and N7FLT motioned to adjourn. Motion carried. Meeting closed at 19:55.