Meeting minutes from December 2012



Jerry McDonald W7FVB

Hannah Mohr- Guest

Don Wilson KC7EWZ

Allan Schrum AI4RO

Jim Hall AA8Y

Bruce Walker KE7SJZ

Don Godward N7FLT

Cyrus Smith NU7Q

Harley Leach KI7XF

Jerry Gregoire KD7WLX

Ted Hundtoft KA7QCY

Todd Gahagan WA7Y

Rich Michau KF7LVE

Eric Anderson KF7OLR

Falicia Anderson KF7TAH


KD7WLX called the meeting to order. After roll call, it was determined that there was not a quorum for the 3rd time.

         Discussion as to why lack of attending members


Treasures report:   Presented by KF7OLR, Balance $2,327.72 No activity

         Reminder:  Dues are due in January for 2013


Quorum met! 14th member showed up!


ERA-no activity, Link to 8A works good, 72 Horsebutte repeater is in the process of  being moved to the fire station.


SAR- Several events including; missing lady, several  hunters, avalanche rescue at Lava Lake, injury at Frazer Lake. Portable repeaters were deployed @ Woodchuck and Languor. Don Wilson, KC7EWZ, is in the process of reprogramming radios to narrow band.


School Club- Ralf has been doing the electricity projects. Don N7FLT is working on the HF with the kids. Usually 12-14 students attend.


88 Net -KC7EWZ-been good, about 4-5 Hams


Snow foxes-none have been planned as of this time


HF-has been good/bad


Old Business


Christmas Party The Christmas party will be held later January on a Sunday, possibly the 20th or 27th. Theresa Schrum (AI4ROís wife) has volunteered to plan. Possibilities of locations; Mint Bar in Belgrade, Land of Magic in Logan, Oasis in Manhattan


January meeting presentation: Fred Cady on January 3rd

         Snacks will be brought by Falicia Anderson, KF7TAH




Officers voted in

Treasure- Eric Anderson KF7OLR

President- Allan Schrum AI4RO

Vice-President- Jerry Gregoire KD7WLX

Secretary-Vivian was absent will correspond with her at a later time to see if she would like to continue


Unofficial Minutes were read by Jerry, KD7WLX and approved


Greater Yellowstone Cycle A committee was formed Jerry Gregoire, KD7WLX. He will lead committee. Don Wilson, KC7EWZ and Falicia Anderson, KF7TAH, will help starting in January.


New Business


Discussed the possibility of opening up the Ham meetings online, wth a program like Skype or Google hang.


Discussed possibilities for  getting new Hams involved in meetings; bringing in HTís for new hams to explore, explaining and showing how HF and HF contesting works, programs/presentations/demonstrations, (nothing fancy just fun) and have food!


Website-The club will need someone to take over, clean up and make simpler, organize and maintain, to post pictures of events, etc. on the website. There was discussion about possibly hiring an outside company to do this or possibly have it one of the officerís jobs. Cyrus Smith NV7XF has offered to help. Thank you Allan Schrum, AI4RO for maintaining our site.


KF7LVE moved the meeting be adjourned. It was seconded by N7FLT. The motion passed.


Respectfully submitted,

Falicia Anderson KF7TAH