2000 Club Officers


AA8Y Jim Hall

Vice President

KC7MRQ Cory Badgley


KD7FVR Ron Schimpf


KI7XF Harley Leach


Sacajawea Middle School, Thursday January 6th, 2000. The school is located on South 3rd and the meeting starts at 7 PM. The entrance to the building is from the NE parking lot

Presidents Column

GHRC Web site
Laura KJ7UN has done a very nice job revising the GHRC web site to an new format that has the ability to post messages and comments. It’s a great idea. Anyone who hasn't yet, should check it out.

License Restructuring
I think that by now most of us have pretty well digested the new licensing report and order for the FCC and understand it fairly well. The Feb. QST has a good article on page 68.

Radio Club At Bozeman High School

Glen Bradbury KD7AZT has started a new radio club at Bozeman high school.
Jack Myers N7ODN and I have been asked to help out. There are 4 or 5 students who are attending the meetings, and one seems very interested in getting his license. Glen is working on getting an H.F. antenna installed above the room where he teaches, so the H.F. transceiver that he has can be used, at the present time books are needed for the group.

I noticed a good article on page 80 of the Feb. QST concerning emergency frequency declarations, emergency frequency set asides, and how to go about getting them in an emergency. It goes on to say that if the present system is working then there is no need to ask the FCC to set aside any frequencies for the emergency.

Jim Hall AA8Y


Dues Are Due Renew your membership today!

Don’t forget it’s time to pay your club and repeater dues. By paying your dues, you help to keep our club healthy and active. Paying repeater dues keeps the Eagle Head repeaters and digipeaters running smoothly.

Help keep our club healthy and pay your club dues today!

GHRC dues are $20/person, $25/family, $10/student

Make your payments to:

Gallatin Ham radio Club, W7ED
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Eagle Head Repeater Assoc.
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Newsletter Articles Needed!

Hello all,

As your newsletter editor, I’d like to ask the age old plea for articles and information. Anything you might have that would be of interest to other hams is what I’m looking for to include in our monthly newsletter.

If each of you could contribute just one thing once a year, I’d have enough material to fill every page in this newsletter. This month is looking kind of skimpy!

Some of the things you could write about are: Antennas, Dxing, Emergency Services, Public Service, License upgrade experiences, Operating experiences, Contesting and the list goes on.

Contributions from magazines and other electronic media are also welcome. If you find something that you feel would be of interest to our club from the Internet, please forward it to me and I’ll see if we can get it in the Newsletter for everyone to enjoy.

Please send your newsletter articles and information to:

Newsletter Editor,

Lyndel Thiesen N7LT

1679 Remuda Dr.

Belgrade, MT 59714

Email: n7lt@arrl.net

Phone: 388-9531

GHRC hits the front page of the Chronicle

For the first time that I can remember, the ham radio club has made the front page of the Bozeman Daily Chronicle!

On Saturday, January 8, 2000. The Bozeman Daily Chronicle ran an article on the front page titled "Police search for bomb, go on ‘fox hunt’. If you didn’t get to read it, in a nut shell, the article was about how a janitor at the school found one of our fox hunt beacons before the fox hunters and thought it was a bomb! Because it had two round tubes that looked like explosives with wires and a timer mechanism that was counting up, the janitor immediately called his supervisors on his handy dandy cell phone and also alerted the police. The police then alerted the bomb squad in Billings. When the police arrived, imagine the surprise from both the hams DFing the fox and the police seeing the hams with strange electronic devices in their hands!

Don Wilson, KC7EWZ and Mal Goose, N7GS were mentioned in the article and after some perfectly explained reasons for the devises and why they were doing what they were, a bad situation was turned into a positive bit of advertising for the local amateur club and how we help with various emergency and public services .

Montana Field Day 2000 is a GO!

As you read in the January 2000 newsletter, we are planning a great one-time event near Helena, Montana for Field Day 2000. The plans are coming together nicely and it looks like we are going to have a great turnout and some top notch operators to learn from!

We look forward to seeing you there on June 24th and 25th. You can even come early and help set up on Friday afternoon!

If you can help make this the best FD ever, please contact us! We need as many volunteers as possible. The logistics are huge with a event this size and we welcome all the help we can get.

MTFD2000 Contacts:

Lyndel Thiesen N7LT Bill Erhardt K7MT

Email: n7lt@arrl.net Email: erhardt@mt.net

Phone: 406-388-9531 2851 FESTIVAL

1679 Remuda Dr. HELENA MT 59602

Belgrade, MT 59714-8835

Volunteers needed The Gallatin Ham Radio Club has once again been asked to provide communications for the Bridger Ski Foundation at the Bohart Ranch on Feb. 12 and 13Th. If you can help, please contact Vivian, K7CUB.

ARRL and GHRC W7ED Out Going QSL Service For Members

Don’t forget to get your outgoing DX QSL cards to Lyndel N7LT for inclusion in the next shipment of cards to the ARRL outgoing DX bureau. The club is picking up the shipping costs so save some money and get your DX cards in!

Do you wish you had a Cell phone but can’t afford one?

If you can find someone to give you their old WORKING cell phone, you can use it for free! Emergencies that is. A new law passed a short while ago saying EVERY cell phone must be capable of dialing 911. The next time you see someone throw out a cell phone, keep it for emergency 911 use!Carol Hall, WD8DQG

Congratulations Carol Hall, WD8DQG!

Congratulations to Carol who became the 2000 – 2001 YLRL (Young Ladies Radio League) president.

Carol has been very active with the YLRL for many years now and travels all over the world meeting new YL hams and operating H.F. DX stations with other YL’s at various locations around the world. She is an Advanced class Amateur radio operator and has been a ham since 1975. She’s been past president of the TASYLS (The Auto State YL Society) and vice president of the Central Michigan Area Repeater Association.

Last year, Carol traveled to Svalbard Norway for the Svalbard Polar YL Convention which was above the Arctic Circle! The next convention will be held in Cleveland Ohio on August 2,3,4 of 2002.

You can find out more about Carol’s involvement in the YLRL in the February 2000 QST article on page 91 or at WWW.qsl.net/ylrl

The Gallatin Ham Radio Club W7ED is proud to have Carol as an involved GHRC member and wishes her great success with her presidency in the coming year.

Schedule of Events

bulletFeb 1st. — 146.88 Net at 8 PM.
bulletFeb 3rd.. — Club meeting at Sacajawea Middle School. 7 PM.
bulletFeb 5th. — Ham and eggs at 4-corners cafe 7:30 AM.
bulletFeb 8th. — 146.88 Net at 8 PM.
bulletFeb 12th. — Ham and eggs at 4-corners cafe 7:30 AM.
bulletFeb 14th. – School Round-up starts
bulletFeb 15th — 146.88 Net at 8 PM.
bulletFeb 18th. – School Round-up ends
bulletFeb 19th. — Ham and eggs at 4-corners cafe 7:30 AM.
bulletFeb 22nd. — 146.88 Net at 8 PM.
bulletFeb 26th. — Ham and eggs at 4-corners cafe 7:30 AM.
bulletFeb 29th. – 146.88 Net at 8 PM.

February 2000








1 Net 146.88


3 Club Meeting


5 7:30am Breakfast Korner club



8 Net 146.88




12 7:30am Breakfast Korner club


14 School Roundup

15 Net 146.88

16 School Roundup

17 School Roundup

18 School Roundup

19 7:30am Breakfast Korner club



22 Net 146.88




26 7:30am Breakfast Korner club



29 Net 146.88


If you have any events you would like to see posted here in the events calandar, please email or mail them to the Editor for inclusion in the March newsletter. Deadline is February 20th.

Spread Spectrum Inventor,

Actress Hedy Lamarr, Dies

NEWINGTON, CT, Jan 19, 2000--Hedy Lamarr, the sultry, sexy screen star of the 1930s and 1940s who also conceived the frequency-hopping technique now known as spread spectrum, has died. Lamarr was found dead in her suburban Orlando, Florida, home Wednesday. She was believed to be 86.

Born Hedwig Kiesler in Austria, Lamarr came to the US in 1937 after being signed by MGM. She debuted on the American screen in 1938, co-starring with Charles Boyer in Algiers. Among her most successful films was the 1949 Samson and Delilah, directed by Cecil B. DeMille.

In her 1992 book Feminine Ingenuity, Lamarr describes how she came up with the idea of a radio signaling device for radio-controlled torpedoes that would minimize the danger of detection or jamming by randomly shifting the frequency. She and composer George Antheil developed the concept and received a patent for it in 1942.

The concept never saw fruition during World War II, but when the patent expired, Sylvania developed the idea for use in satellites. Spread spectrum also has found applications in wireless telephones, military radios, wireless computer links, and Amateur Radio experimentation.

Lamarr lived in an Orlando suburb in recent years and shunned publicity.

A more-detailed version of Lamarr's role in spread spectrum is described in the IEEE book Spread Spectrum Communications, published in 1983.--thanks to André Kesteloot, N4ICK and Bill Ricker, N1VUX Copied from the ARRL web site.

News From Around the State

The Bitterroot Amateur Radio Club:

The club is sponsoring a Radio-Electronics class which is covering technical lectures, test equipment and troubleshooting in their January and February classes. After that there will be meetings discussing various communications systems and routes to commercial licensing, certification and further education in electronics. Graduation is scheduled for June.

The Great Falls Area Amateur Radio Club

The GFAARC will be holding classes to help prepare for the 5 wpm code test. Classes will also be held to assist in preparing to take all written exam elements up to and including the GENERAL CLASS license. Classes will be held THURSDAY nights at the GFAARC Clubhouse. Code Class will begin promptly at 6:00pm, followed by a short break, then the Theory Class will begin about 7:00pm. Classes are scheduled to begin 05 January 2000 - Contact GFAARC about later dates or starting after the class begins. Primary instructors will be Pat Moore - AL7L and Delores O'Mara - KL7JJB. Classes will be paced to take advantage of the two remaining VE testing sessions in Great Falls before the new rules go into effect April 15, 2000.

A couple of hams in Great Falls are trying to organize a 2M SSB net. The purpose of the net is to experiment with 2M propagation etc. The net will meet each Tuesday at 8:30PM local time on 144.200MHz. They would like to invite all hams statewide to "attempt" to participate. There are several in the Great Falls area that now regularly monitor 144.200MHz. For more info contact: Bob N7CZ at n7cz@hamsnet.net OR Todd KE6NVV/7 at ke6nvv@mcn.net


VE Test Sessions

Test sessions are held at 9 am in room 632 at Cobleigh Hall on the MSU Campus the first Saturday AFTER the first Thursday during the following months: December, March, June, September. This schedule may be revised. Make sure to check your newsletter each month for any changes to the VE Testing Schedule.

2000 Schedule

March 4th

June 3rd

September 9th

December 9th


Kid’s Day 2000

by Lyndel Thiesen N7LT

This year, like last, I asked my son Max if he would like to participate in Kid’s Day. He jumped at the chance to operate and asked a different friend from last year to join him in the thrill of contesting. If you’ve never heard of Kid’s Day, it is a fun contest just for kids but adults can also make contacts. The kids give their name, location and favorite color as a contest exchange. It is really laid back and sometimes the kids get into quite a rag chew. One kid asked my son if there were any pretty girls where he lived. I told Max to say 73 and work the next kid, thankfully he did!

Last year Max made 40 contacts and his friend 15. This year Max made 67 contacts in 22 states and two countries! His friend Ryan made 30 contacts in 15 states. Both boys said they had a great time and when I asked them if they’d like to do it again, they both said "YES!"

January 6, 2000 Meeting Minutes

submitted by KD7FVR, Ron Schimpf

January’s meeting was held at Sacajawea Middle School. President Jim AA8Y called the meeting to order at 7 PM. 24 members were in attendance. (Two more members arrived later.) Minutes of the December 1999 meeting were approved as printed in the newsletter.


Past Treasurer, Kay, N7ZHN, said that she paid the liability insurance in the amount of $208.00. The club balance is $1450.27. Treasurer’s report was accepted by unanimous vote.


Don N7FLT had expense of $25.00 for EOC supplies. He was already paid.

Lyndel N7LT announced that he is still accepting outgoing QSL cards for overseas contacts. Lyndel will collect the cards at each meeting and will send them through the ARRL Outgoing Bureau when he collects a pound or more of cards. GHRC will pickup the cost. The club agreed to continue this as an ongoing service.

Doug KK7VC said that he covered an additional expense of $21.90 at the Kountry Korner Cafe for the Christmas Party. GHRC will reimburse him for that expense.

Don KC7EWZ initiated discussion about a date for the next Ham Fest. It was decided to hold the next Ham Fest on October 14, 2000. This is the second Saturday of October.

Don KC7EWZ inquired again regarding a local Field Day in addition to the Statewide Field Day. The consensus was to have a local event as well. Don will reserve the Brackett Creek location again if it is available. The rent is $50.00


Bob W7LR said that he received a nice letter from the Wind Drinkers thanking the ham club for their participation in the Ridge Run. Doug KK7VC read the letter. The Wind Drinkers included a donation of $75.00 to the club, as well as a donation of $75.00 to the Eagle Head Repeater Association.

GHRC received a 100% certificate from the ARRL. The next issue of QST will list us as a 100% club for 1999.

Lyndel N7LT presented the GHRC scrapbook that he located. He passed it around for all who wished to look through it. All members with pictures, articles etc. are invited to update the scrapbook, as it hasn’t been touched since the late ‘80s.

Harley KI7XF demonstrated his 80m Pinpoint Receiver. He had hidden an 80m fox in the school and said that he would demonstrate use of the receiver to those interested. Harley said he will be ordering receivers soon and would order more for anyone who wants one.

FCC License Restructuring was discussed. Ric KB7KB brought in a copy of the "Report and Order" (FCC 99-412). The restructuring rules take effect on April 15, 2000.

Due to the restructuring, Harley KI7XF suggested adding an exam to the regularly scheduled exam. It was decided to hold an additional exam on Saturday, Feb. 5. The exam scheduled on Saturday, March 4 shall remain on that date. Jack N7ODN expressed a willingness to administer an exam in early April for those who may not have passed an earlier exam. He expressed concern, however, that there may be paperwork difficulties with an exam that close to the effective date.

Bob W7LR said that ebay.com works very well for selling used radio equipment.


Vivian K7CUB announced the School Club Roundup Feb. 14-18. Volunteers are needed and anyone who wishes to come and watch is welcome.

Bob W7LR is accepting Eaglehead Repeater dues.

Pete W7OW has 5 panel plain caps for $3.50 ea. You can design your own labels to put on the caps.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:24 PM.

Upgrade Honor Roll

This is a new column to honor all who receive or upgrade their license! Those who upgrade will remain on this lest for the rest of the year. Since we’ve not had any upgrades yet this year, I would like to congratulate the Amateur Radio operators who received their license or upgraded in December.

Vikki Bohlman New License!

Gordon Lister Tech

Scott Graber Tech

Andrew Jesaitis KD7EMO General

Doug Peterson KD7DOK Advanced KK7VC

Congratulations everyone! The VEC Team


Hams and the Internet

Spotted on the web by Wendy, KD7DYW.

From ARRL Members-Only Web Page
Long-distance rescue via Morse code:
Gene Nailon, K5DLE, reports a ham in the Rockies has a fellow amateur in Oklahoma and the Morse code to thank for helping after he fell ill during a QSO December 17. Larry Watson, W5EIU, in Oklahoma City answered a CQ on 3710 kHz from the Wyoming ham. They had been talking for about 15 minutes when the Wyoming op told Watson: "I think I'm having a heart attack, and I can't get to
the phone." After that, his transmission broke off, and Watson was unable to raise him further. About the same time, Jim Caldwell, WJ0C, of Waterloo, Iowa, broke in. WJ0C was able to look up the full name and location of the Wyoming ham and relay the information to Watson, who called the police in the Wyoming town to alert them to a potential medical emergency. It turned out they were right. The Wyoming ham--whose name and location were unavailable--was hospitalized, and the prognosis was said to be good. Watson, first licensed at age 13 in 1954, says this was a first for him. (By the way, both Watson and Nailon belong to Central Oklahoma Chapter 63 QCWA.)--Gene Nailon, K5DLE

QRZ instant poll results from the Internet


Poll 11

Should amateurs caught causing intentional malicious interference have their licenses revoked permanently?

Yes 87% 1058 votes

No 12% 155 votes Total 1213 votes

Poll 39

The Official Observer program is a necessary, effective and fairly administered part of our amateur radio hobby.

Agree 75% 912 votes

Disagree 24% 294 votes Total 1206 votes


Poll 36

Are you planning to upgrade now that Morse code has been reduced to 5 WPM for all licenses?

Yes 58% 2042 votes

No 11% 401 votes

Can't - I already have Extra Class

30% 1047 votes Total 3490 votes

Poll 16

What is your age group?

Under 20 2% 4 votes

20's 6% 11 votes

30's 15% 26 votes

40's 27% 46 votes

50's 23% 39 votes

60's 19% 33 votes

70's 3% 6 votes

80+ 1% 2 votes Total 167 votes

Poll 21

Have you performed any type of "RF Radiation Safety Survey" on your shack?

Yes 32% 259 votes

No 67% 530 votes Total 789 votes

These polls are not scientific and they represent only the opinions of those who choose to participate (a non-random, opportunity sampling). The information presented here should not be taken as an absolute fact, but rather, as a matter of general interest


February 1 N7LT April 4 K7CUB
February 8 KD7FVR April 11 KC7EWZ
February 15 W7LR April 18 KD7FVR
February 22 KI7OJ April 25 KI7XF
February 29 N7ODN
May 2 N7ODN
March 7 ??? May 9 KC7EWZ
March 14 N7GS May 16 WA7U

March 21 KD7FVR May 23 KC7PEM

March 28 W7OIQ May 30 W7OIQ

If you’ve not signed up as a net control operator yet, please do so! As members of the GHRC, each of us should take at least half an hour each month to help run the net. This is a very small sacrifice of time which greatly enhances the quality of our net and club.

If you’ve never run the net before, contact either KC7EWZ, Don or N7LT Lyndel for an outline on how to run the net. All you have to do is substitute your call sign and you’re ready to be net control. Running the net is a great experience which will help prepare you for participating in emergency communications.

The net is every Tuesday evening at 8PM.


Gallatin Ham Radio Club

Membership and info

P.O. Box 4381

Bozeman, MT 59772

Email: w7ed@arrl.net

Web Site: www.tangerinecity.com/ghrc