GHRC FEB MEETING MINUTES , by W7LR   Feb. 26th, 2003


            The meeting took place Feb. 6th 2003 at SMS.  The meeting was called to order by K7CUB and introductions followed, including review of our driver’s license expiration dates.  Some came pretty close.


            The treasurer KI7XF reported a $1358 balance, and said the insurance has been paid. The W7LR secretarial web report was approved.


            KC7EWZ reported on the S&R meeting. He is now vice chairman.  Fire North and other fire radios are being reprogrammed to reduce the North Repeater traffic load.  One pager will be budgeted for S&R. He also reported on the Taylor Fork repeater placement efforts.  Also a 2m net control signup.


            N7ODN announced a March 8th VE session.  He also will hold a tech class at the Senior Center to be aimed for the June VE test session.


            A card was circulated for best wishes to Jim Peterson who is suffering from cancer.


            N7FLT was appointed as the GHRC rep for the ERA board.


            W7LR announced the Idaho Falls hamfest in April.


            KC7EWZ announced GPS classes to be held.


            K7CUB thanked the group for the help in the SMS K7BZN contact with the Space Shuttle. That went very well.  A video of the event is available.


            N7FLT announced that the School Club Roundup is upcoming – it went very well. 


            KI7OJ conducted an ERA meeting. 2003 projects were discussed. KC7EWZ was reelected for a new 3 year term to the board. KI7XF reported on repairs to 447.

Conditions at 82 were presented. Removal of the digital system at 82 was approved.

W7LR reported on 88 and the data system.  N7FLT reported on the hospital system.

Condition of the club trailer was discussed.  The Conoco bases were discussed. Donation of the low band base to KB7KB was approved, in lieu of his many efforts to the repeaters. A VHF base was obtained from KL7JGS for use to upgrade 88.

The 82 solar panel situation was discussed. There was discussion of possible S&R use of the 82 site.  It was decided that this would not work for a variety of reasons.

W7LR advised that the Forest Service is working on issuance of the 82 site permit.