GHRC Meeting Minutes Feb 4, 2004


Meeting called to order at 17:02


Sec. report: Minutes are on the website.


Treas. report: approx. $1565.00 in the bank.


Announcements: K7CUB, Vivian, School Club Roundup needs help.


Committee Reports: Search and Rescue, KC7EWZ, Don: Contract for the new EOC Building have been signed with the contractor.

KC7EWZ, Don, went as a SAR member with Neil to help install SAR repeater at the 82 site. Now 82 is having problems.


Old Business: N7ODN, Jack, Class has 11 students, he has ordered 12 books, 2 students have books now. First meeting; Tuesday, Feb 17th, 7pm, 632 Cobleigh Hall. Exams, March 6th, 9am, 632 Cobleigh Hall.

KC7EWZ, Don; Hamfest, Amcom is out of the ham business, they have been our only dealer.

KD7TQM, Norm; Raffel prize chairman.


New Business: Montana traffic nes has moved to 3910 kc, cw net on 3647 kc.


Great Falls will have swap meet and junk sale, May 1st.

Idaho Falls, April 17th

Glacier-Waterton 3 rd weekend of July.


K7YD, Doug Dunn, gave a presentation on emergency operations on the Montana Traffic Net.

Training for emergency operations.

BPL, broadband over power lines, transmissions over power lines will be 2Mhz to 100Mhz.

CW is going away in the US and is gone in some countries.


Meet adjourned at 19:51


KC7EWZ, Don, gave a talk on the proper methods of coiling rope and coax.


Jim Hall AA8Y