February 2012 Meeting Minutes

Roll call included the following:

Vivian Linden     K7CUB                                                  Jack Myers     N7ODN

Kathi Gregoire     N7UNI                                                                Ladean McKitrick      KN0WAY

Jerry Gregoire     KD7WLX                                             Wayd Walker            KF7LVF

Jim Godward       AC7PO                                                                Rich Micham            KF7LVE

Jim Hall               AA8Y                                                       Todd Gahagan         WA7U

Tim Schober      AE7PJ                                                     Don Wilson                KC7EWZ

Don Godward   N7FLT                                                    Fred Cady                 KE7X

Bruce Walker    KE7SJZ                                                   Jerry McDonald       W7FVB

Cyrus Smith       NU7Q                                                     Bob Leo                     W7LR

Harley Leach     KI7XF                                                      Ray Babcock              AD7RB

Allan Schrum     AI4RO

After the roll call was completed, LT. Mark Johnson gave information concerning the new cell phone law. He suggested that if a ham operator was stopped, presenting their license would solve many possible problems. AC7PO reminded everyone that we are to have the license with us when using the radio.

Dues are due for the year. Dues are $20 for individuals and $25 for families.

KD7WLX called the meeting to order. The secretary report for December and January were approved. The treasurer report will be submitted when AC7RY returns.

VE: Ray reported that the next testing session would be March 3. He has reserved the SAR meeting room for testing for the year. He would like to do the testing on the first Saturday following the monthly GHRC meeting. The testing would be done quarterly.

ERA: The yearly ERA meeting was held after the GHRC meeting. Suggested donations are $30.

MARLA donations are always accepted.

SAR: KC7EWZ reported that there was one call out. It has been pretty quiet.

School Club: The School Club Roundup will be held February 13-17. We will need control operators for the contest. A sign up sheet was passed around. There is also an invitation to stop by even if you do not have time to sign up. There is an enthusiastic group of students this year! The contest can not happen without control operators. Thank you to those who can help.

88 Net: We have a net control person for each week of the month. If anyone would like to try it, let K7CUB know. It is good practice for honing radio skills.

Foxhunt: KI7XF reported that there have been two hunts this year. Check the reflector a day ahead to see if there is a hunt. They have been on Saturdays, however, that could change with the weather.

HF: N7FLT reported that DX has basically shut down the last few days.

AI4RO talked about the MS walk on May 12, 2012. They would like to have some ham operators along the route. KC7EWZ volunteered to chair that activity.  Others volunteer to help with this activity.

W7LR suggested that we keep up with activities nicely listed on the Montana Radio site.

Hamfest: KI7XF will chair the event with a “more laid back” approach. NU7Q  and KD7TQM will be on the committee. KI7XF will simplify and hopes that everyone will have a good time. KI7XF felt that others that had run the hamfest in the past were overwhelmed and would not do it again. KF7LVE said he stepped down for personnal reasons. He was not overwhelmed.

Winter dinner: NU7Q reported that Stacey’s in Gallatin Gateway can handle our group. There is a limit of 40 people. Everyone would have their own order, bill and tip. Watch the reflector for the date.

New Business: KD7WLX found the by laws. There were posted, however, they were hard to read.  KD7WLX would like a small committee to review them. They need to be updated.

W7NAV has offered his place for field day in June. Thank you to W7NAV!

AA8Y made a motion to adjourn the meeting. It was seconded by N7FLT. Motion passed.