2001 Club Officers



AA8Y Jim Hall


Vice President

KK7VC Doug Peterson



KD7FVR Ron Schimpf



KI7XF Harley Leach



Gallatin Ham Radio Club

Email: w7ed@arrl.net

Web Site://http://ghrc.bizland.com/

Dues: GHRC dues are $20/person, $25/family, $10/student

EagleHead: $30/year



The January Meeting will be held at the Sacajawea Middle

The meeting starts at 7 PM.

Harley, KI7XF , will give a presentation on his and Karla’s, KC7BLA, trip to the ARDF World Championships in China

After Harley’s presentation there will be a an annual business buy the Eagle Head Repeater Association.

Any business needing attention may be presented during a very short business meeting.

Presidents Column

Jim Hall, AA8Y

Christmas Party

The GHRC Christmas party held at the Valley View Country Club was a GREAT success. Bob Leo, W7LR, arranged the party. Thanks Bob for the fine job. The food was good and the company was even better. I had a nice time visiting with everyone.

Net Control

We all, including myself, need to sigh up for net control duty if we are to be able to keep the Tuesday Evening net operating. So please sign up. Running the net is easy and doesn’t even hurt very much and is good practice when we have to operate a directed net for emergency purposes.


We are starting a New Year and with the exception of a new Vice-President, Doug, KK7VC, we have the same officers as we had last year.


For the present time it looks like I will be doing the newsletter until someone decides they can’t stand it any more and takes the job, HI HI. This is a new endeavor for me and I haven’t had much time to get acquainted with the software. So please bear with me until I get this figured out. That is if I ever do get it.

If you have any events you would like to see posted here, please email or mail them to the Editor for inclusion in the November newsletter. Deadline: 27th.

December Meeting Minutes

submitted by KD7FVR, Ron Schimpf

Minutes of December 7, 2000 Meeting – submitted by KD7FVR, Ron

The December meeting was held at Sacajawea Middle School. President Jim AA8Y called the meeting to order at 7:08 PM. 16 members were in attendance.

Minutes of the November 2000 meeting were approved as printed in the newsletter.


Harley KI7XF reported that the club balance is a little over $1000.00. Treasurer’s report was accepted by unanimous vote.


Jack N7ODN announced that all elements will be available at the V.E. session on Dec 9th. He is planning Technician class sessions the last two weeks of February 2001 before the exam on March 3. Exact dates will be announced. General class sessions are planned in late May before the June session.

Bob W7LR confirmed the Christmas Party Dec. 10 at the Valley View.

Lyndel N7LT reminded us that the club will be operating from Cobleigh Hall for the 10 meter contest. The contest runs from 5 p.m. Friday December 8 through 5 p.m. Sunday December 10.


Eaglehead Repeater Association

Don KI7OJ announced an Eaglehead Repeater association meeting just after the regular club meeting in January. GHRC needs to elect a representative for the ERA.


Vivian K7CUB has been asked for ham support at the cross-country ski race qualifier on Jan 27 and 28. There will probably be 3 or 4 races each day.

There is a possibility that volunteers will be needed for Olympic qualifier races in 2002.

Bob W7LR announced that the ERA received a donation and thank you letter from the Wind Drinkers for our assistance with the Ridge Run. The GHRC also received a thank you and donation.

Lyndel N7LT requested a new caretaker for the club archives.

Ron KD7FVR requested information for updating the GHRC website. The URL is http://ghrc.bizland.com.

Walt WB7USV said that 145.25 is off until further notice. Ric KB7KB had to remove the repeater from Dr. Matthew’s residence.

Programs were discussed for next year’s meetings.

Election of Officers

Results of election of officers:

President - Jim AA8Y

Vice Pres. - Doug KK7VC

Secretary - Ron KD7FVR

Treasurer - Harley KI7FX

We still need a Newsletter editor. Volunteers?

The club voted to donate $25.00 to Bob Jackson’s medical fund. He is an amateur operator who is still listed in critical condition.

The meeting adjourned at 7:46 PM.

Upgrade Honor Roll

This column honors all who receive or upgrade their license through the GHRC in 2000.

Congratulations to all who upgraded!

Tech class

Vikki Bohlman KD7HGY

Scott Graber KD7HGZ

Andy Macrae KD7HXA

Shelley Peterson KD7HXB

Melody Schimpf KD7HXC

Ross Snider KD7IEV

Kim Snider KD7ILW

Joshua Alzheimer KD7JBD

Tanner Currie KD7KKM

J. L. Stuker KD7KRY

Charles Sucharda KD7KRZ

Steven Shaw KD7LIC


General Class

Andrew Jesaitis KD7EMO

Wendy Reeser KD7DYW

James Sweaney KD7DYU

Ron Schimpf KD7FVR
Darrell Berreth KC7NHF

Don Wilson KC7EWZ
Pat Sands N7SVI

Don Bissell K7DRB

Kurt Borge KC7PFG

Gordon Lister KD7HHA

William Loman N7PWC

Kent Rudolph N7WHL

Glen Gallier KD7AEP

Glen Bradbury KD7AZT


Extra Class

Robert Williams N7ODM

Walt Baxter WB7USV

Ralph Bergantine KC7PFH

Ric Helvey KB7KB

John Nash K7YXU

Doug Peterson KK7VC

Don Regli KI7OJ

Larry Cronenwett KA7WXN

Dale Heidner W7NAV

Theodore Hundtoft KA7QCY

Willard Cox N7FMT

Greg Estep KC7SK

Jim Fuller N7VMR

Jerome McDonald W7FVB

Albert Zoller W6OTE

Darrell Berreth KC7NHF

Harley Leach KI7XF

Theodore Hudtoft KA7QCY

Michael McFeters KE7VQ

Carl Bartman KD7AZX

Mabel Berreth KC7RCU

Greg Estep KC7SK


VE Test Sessions

Test sessions are held at 9 am in room 632 at

Cobleigh Hall on the MSU Campus the first Saturday AFTER the first Thursday during the following months: December, March, June, September. This schedule may be revised. Make sure to check your newsletter each month for any changes to the VE Testing Schedule.

For more info: Contact Jack, N7ODN

2001 Schedule

March 3rd

June 9th

September 8th

December 8th

Happenings Page

January 200









2 146.88 Net at 8pm


4 Club Meeting 7pm SMS


6 Ham & Eggs @ 4– Corners



9 146.88 Net at 8pm




13 Ham & Eggs @ 4– Corners



16 146.88 Net at 8pm




20 Ham & Eggs @ 4– Corners



23 146.88 Net at 8pm




27 Ham & Eggs @ 4– Corners



30 146.88 Net at 8pm


Schedule of Events

Jan. 2nd – 146.88 net at 8PM.

Jan. 4th – Club Meeting 7PM at Sacajawea Middle School

Jan. 6th – Ham and eggs at 4 corners café.

Jan 9th – 146.88 net at 8PM.

Jan. 13th – Ham and eggs at 4-corners café 7:30AM.

Jan. 16th – 146.88 Net at 8 PM

Jan. 28th – Ham & eggs at 4-corners cafe 7:30 AM.

Jan. 23rd – 146.88 Net at 8 PM.

Jan. 27th – Ham and eggs at 4-corners cafe 7:30 AM.

Jan. 30th – 146.88 net at 8PM.

Hamfests & National Amateur Radio Events



Begins 1800 UTC Jan 6th to 2400 UTC Jan 7th., See Dec. QST page Page 111 for details.

2001 ARRL January VHF Sweepstakes

Begins 1900 UTC Jan 20th to 0400 UTC Jan 22. See Dec. QST page 112 for details.

2001 W1AW HF Digital Run

The run will feature two new digital modes, PSK31 and MFSK16 at three power levels and on four HF bands on Jan 13-14, See Jan QST page 49


VE Exam Report

Congratulations to those upgrading during the December 9, 2000 exam session! They were:

Glen Bradbury     KD7AZT     to     General Class

Greg Estep         KC7SK        to     Extra Class

Steven Shaw       KD7LIC       to     Technician Class








Jan 2 KC7EWZ

Jan 9 AA8Y

Jan 16 (open)

Jan 23 (open)         PLEASE HELP OUT

Jan 30 (open)         BY VOLUNTEERING!
Feb 6 (open)
Feb 13 (open)
Feb 20 (open)

If you’ve not signed up as a net control operator yet, please do so! As members of the GHRC, each of us should take a half an hour each month to run the net. This is a very small sacrifice of time which greatly enhances the quality of our net and club.

If you’ve never run the net before, contact KC7EWZ, Don for info on running the net. It’s really easy! Running the net is a great experience which will help prepare you for participating in emergency communications.

The net is every Tuesday evening at 8:00 PM on 146.88.


Technician Class Course

The Gallatin Ham Radio Club will be sponsoring a short course for preparation to take the Technician Class exam during the March 3, 2001 VE Exam session. The course will be held on four evenings, February 19, 21, 23, and 26 at MSU’s Cobleigh Hall room 632. Each session will be dominantly video tapes and discussion. There will be a $30.00 fee required to take the course. The fee covers the book being used to accompany the course, the exam fee ($10.00 mandated beginning January 1, 2001), and a minor amount to cover the cost of copies to be handed out in the class. Spread the word and have any interested parties contact Jack Myers, N7ODN at 587-3511 or at n7odn@arrl.net . Advanced registration will be required by February 5, 2001 for attendance in order to allow time for the books to be ordered and arrive by the first meeting.


W7ED 2000 ARRL 10 Meter Contest

Submitted by Lyndel, N7LT

The 2000 ARRL 10 Meter Contest was this past December 8, 9, and 10th and the Gallatin Ham Radio Club once again had a great time competing in the ARRL's premier event.

The next time you see Don, N7FLT, at a club meeting. Thank him for going the extra mile and making sure everything was in place for this contest. He was the coordinator who made the whole thing possible. Also, thanks go to Fred, KE7X, and Todd, WA7U, for the use of their equipment.

The contest always begins at 0000Z the second Saturday of every December. 0000Z is 5PM Friday night here in Bozeman Montana so we began the contest with a bang and started working Japan like crazy. We also worked a few state side stations and closed down operations around 7pm just as in years past. Saturday morning at 6AM we straggled in and started working state side stations and Canada as fast as we could. Bob, W7LR came by and worked some CW for us, which got us 2 points more per contact on CW! Thanks Bob! By Saturday afternoon, things started to slow down and with no DX to Europe, we plugged along and kept an eye on the blizzard out the window that dumped up to 6 inches of snow….wish the DX was piling up like that. By that evening, we were back to working Japan stations and at 7pm Don, N7FLT and Doug, KK7VC, closed down the operation for the night and headed home through the slick streets of Bozeman.

Sunday morning was slow and we all arrived at just after 8am and continued on with our working the states. This time we concentrated on getting the last multiplier states and with the help of Mal, N7GS, Bob, W7LR and others, via packet spotting, we netted almost all-50 states! Europe DX did show up for a few minutes Sunday morning but other than that, DX into Europe was pretty bad, about the worst we've seen since we started operating the contest as a club.

We continued into the afternoon and worked as many South American stations as we could until 5pm when the contest ended.

How did we do? Well, not as good as in past years but then again, we had about half the operators and the conditions on 10 meters wasn't much to write home about.

Our final score was:



CW 150 600 32 10

SSB 1368 2736 56 54

Total = 1518 3336 88 64 = 508,288 pts

Compare this to our past years scores:



CW 307 1228 47 24

SSB 1132 2264 56 50

Totals= 1439 3492 103 74 = 618,084



CW 389 1556 41 10

SSB 1318 2636 50 44

Totals = 1707 4192 91 54 = 607,840



CW 59 236 14 3

SSB 225 450 27 12

Totals 284 686 41 15 = 38,416 points


As you can see, we've not done as well as in past years, (except 1997 when the band was dead) but we sure had fun operating this year!

I would like to thank all of those who participated in the W7ED 2000 ARRL 10 Meter Contest.

N7FLT, N7LT, KK7VC, W7LR, KD7HEW, AB7VR, KC7PFH, K7AVJ. Thanks guys for putting W7ED on the air!

Catch you again in another contest!


Lyndel, N7LT


WT6G and KE7X 10M contest Participation

Submitted by Klein, WT6G

This past weekend, Fred, KE7X and Klein, WT6G entered the ARRL 10M contest and had a ball…..and a good result too. Altogether, over 2400 contacts and over 230 multipliers for a score of over 1,600,000 points. Right now this looks about 20th nationally and probably the best score in the Northwest. Klein is very happy, as this is only the second contest he’s ever entered in 43 years of being a ham. This is a mixed mode contest on 10M only. Klein worked most to the SSB contacts and Fred did all the CW chores. They competed in the Multi/Single High Power category, i.e., more than one operator but only one signal on the air at any one time. They used Klein’s new (arrived the day of the contest) AMCOM 2000A amplifier which Klein is now raving about. Many thanks to Mike Lamb, N7ML for building such a fine antenna system.