January 2003 GHRC meeting mintues


The meeting was held at the old MPC building and started with introductions.


GHRC balance $1371. ERA balances $785 checking, $828 savings.

$380 was paid for the new autopatch.


Wednesday the 8th the space shuttle qso with SMS is scheduled.


KC7EWZ reported on S&R, avalanche training meeting, mapping training, and 2m net control signup.


AA8Y advised of a 15 January engine academy meeting.


N7FLT said we had the highest MT Field Day score whether 1A or 2A.


AA7GK reported on IRLP efforts.


W7LR reported on plans to pick up three Conoco base stations.


A motion passed to have the newsletter quarterly, in March, June, September and December with a two week lead time.


KI7XF advised that he would work to cure a 447.7 repeater glitch.


WA7U reported on the new autopatch. * up, # down. Pause > * & dial tone.


KB7KB gave a good program on the MRLA system.


            Bob Leo, W7LR, GHRC secretary