GHRC Meeting Minutes Jan 8,2004



20 Members in attendance


The December 2003 minutes are on the web site


Treasurers Report: Approximately $1420 in the checking account.


Dues are due for both GHRC and Eaglehead


EOC Report: Need to plan where cables will go.


There will be an Eaglehead meeting at the end of this GHRC meeting.


Need someone to obtain programs for the Hamfest.

Hamfest will be October 16, 3004


Old Business: N7ODN, Jack needs someone to get publicity in the newspapers for the technician classes. ( AA8Y will do )


December 2003 exam session: Three candidates, one a high school student went from nothing to general in that one session.


New Business: Motion made and seconded that the buy 500 QSL cards. Motion passed.


Designate a GHRC representative to Eaglehead, N7FLT Chosen.


KI7XF: Citizen Corps and the money available for that.


AA7GK: Donation of feedline for GHRC use in new EOC.



Jim Hall AA8Y secy.