GHRC Minutes of the Jan 4, 2007 meeting:



Meeting called to order at 1900 hours.




Secretary's Report for December 2006 approved.


Treasurers Report:  $1207 in bank with a pending insurance bill of $327.


Announcements:  - W7LR gave an ARRL report.

            - Announcement about new hams.

            - Announcement about new projector and screen.


Committee Reports:     

      SAR -- Nothing much, two canceled searches.

      VE  -- Four exam sessions this fall with 5 new hams.

             It was decided not to have a Ham Radio Class this spring          

   because of confusion with course material.  This was moved,

seconded, and approved by the members.

             Also, radio stations are running PSA's about contacting                 

   either Jack (N7ODN) or Ray (AD7RB) about licensing.


Old Business:

      - SAR was given some older Bendix-King radios by the National  Park


      - AA8Y resigned from the tower moving project at the airport.


New Business:

      - Moved, seconded, and approved to pay the insurance bill.

      - Discussion about Oregon search that turned into a mess.

      - Discussion about digital radio system, the pro's and con's &                 

that some agencies won't turn the digital mode on for good reason.

  Also, a discussion about trunking systems.

      - Question about if anyone had been contacted about the air show

        this summer.

      - AA7GK showed a mobile radio that had been hit by lightening.

      - KI7XF hearing CW on TV cable channel 32.


Meeting closed at 1945.


Respectfully submitted by AA8Y