Minutes for the January, 2012 GHRC Meeting

Those attending were the following:

K7CUB                                  Vivian Linden

KF7QJJ                                  Karen Schunke

KF7LVF                                 Wayd Walker

W7LR                                     Bob Leo

WA7U                                   Todd Gahagan

AC7RY                                   Les Scheidt

KF7QOO                               Joe Gaston

N7FLT                                    Don Godward

AA8Y                                     Jim Hall

KF7TAH                                                Falicia Anderson

Wanna Be                           Nels Anderson

KF7OLR                                 Eric Anderson

KF7LVE                                 Rich Michau

KI7XF                                     Harley Leach

KB7KB                                   Rick Helvey

AD7RB                                  Ray Babcock

KC7EWZ                               Don Wilson

KE7SJY                                  Robert Waldeisen

KD7WLX                               Jerry Gregoire

KC7PFH                                                Ralph Bergantine

W7FVB                                 Jerry McDonald

AI4RO                                   Allan Schrum and Emily

We had an interesting tour of the 911 center prior to the meeting. It was nice to be able to ask questions and see the facility. Thanks to KC7EWZ for doing the arrangements.

The meeting  was called to order by KD7WLX at 7:50.

Introductions were done and Jerry introduced the officers for this year.

There were  no minutes printed out for the December meeting, so they will be approved at the February meeting.

Less gave a report on the insurance policy that we have. It is basically a third party insurance policy. It kicks in if a ham member causes a problem. Each ham person is responsible for themselves and are not  covered  by the club policy. Club equipment is not covered. SAR events are not covered under the club policy. The cost for the policy is $320 and is due in February.

The treasurer report is as follows:

Balance on December 14, 2011                                  $2439.19


AC7RY   Les Scheidt                         $20

AF7L      Larry Hayden                     $20

AA7SR   Scott Remington              $20

Total Income                                                                      $60.00

Total Expenses                                                                  $25.00

Balance January 6, 2012                                 $2474.19

Accounts payable

                February—Seabury &Smith, Insurance                  $320

Membership dues for GHRC are $20 for individuals and $25 for a family. This is not tax deductible.

ERA:  Bob reported that there is over $1000 in the account. A donation of $30 is recommended.  It is  tax deductible. ERA uses the funds to maintain 146.88, 146.82 147.72 and 447.70 repeaters. It also covers the user fees at Bridger.

SAR:  KC7EWZ reported that there has been little activity. The new emergency building is progressing in West Yellowstone. There could be an opportunity to put the 147.72 repeater on a tower there. The building may be completed in February.

146.88 Bridger Repeater Net:  K7CUB reported that a good group talks each week. We could use another net control person for the third Tuesday of each month.  KC7EWZ volunteered for that position. THANKS  KC7EWZ!

CJMS: N7FLT and K7CUB reported that we have a good group of “hamlets” this year. The School Club Roundup is the second week in February. There will be a sign up schedule at the February meeting. The contest can not happen without  adult control operators. Thank you to those that can help. Some certificates from previous school club roundups that have been presented in the last couple of years were passed around for people to see.

Hamfest. KF7LVE is not able to Chair the hamfest committee this year.   KC7EWZ made a motion that we have a hamfest. It was seconded by  AA8Y. The motion passed. We will need to have a Chairperson.  AC7RY  made a motion that if we do not have a Chairperson by the February meeting, we cancel the hamfest. It was seconded by KC7EWZ. The motion passed. KD7TQM and Nu7Q are on the committee, and will help with the hamfest.

Fox Hunting: There is nothing scheduled.  KI7XF reported he has had no requests, however, he could do a hunt if the weather is good and he is in town. There was a suggestion to have an advance schedule which would  make it easier  for planning to attend.

HF:  N7FLT  reported that the bands are better than they have been for the last 10 years. 10 meters and 12 meters are good. 160 meters is not so good.

Testing: AD7RB reported that the next test session will be March 3. He will list the rest of the dates for the year on the web site. He will also sign up for the SAR room for testing and check to see if we are signed up for our regular meeting dates.

Old Business:  Christmas Dinner. NU7Q had been out of town and is not present at the meeting.  AI4RO reported that NU7Q is looking for a place that could handle the group. Watch the reflector for more information.

AI4RO wanted everyone to think about presentations for the club meetings. It does not have to be power point. It could be a short presentation on a topic of interest. If you have an idea for a program let AI4RO know. Contact him AllanGSchrum@yahoo.com or AI4RO@arrl.net.  The program for February will be the ERA meeting.

New Business:  KC7EWZ, suggested that AC7RY give AI4RO a list of members to be invited to the reflector.

KD7WLX is looking for a copy of the club bylaws. If anyone knows where they can be found, please let him know. The bylaws may need to be updated. The club station license holder is WA7U.

GHRC members have access to the Ham room at the SAR building. The code to enter the doors was given out at the meeting. There is a sign in/sign out sheet in the room.

Club equipment: It is time to  create an inventory of club equipment. If you have equipment, let KD7WLX know. The trailer is listed with ERA. It was a suggested  that we may also want to have our own individual inventories.

KD7WLX  appointed  N7FLT, to continue on the ERA board.

 AA8Y, made a motion that  KC7EWZ, continue as GHRC’s representative  on the SAR board of Gallatin County. It was seconded by WA7U and the motion passed.  GHRC is one of 12 groups on the SAR board approved by the county commission.  KC7EWZ is currently the president of that board.  KC7EWZ  reported that having a person on the SAR board makes it possible for us to meet in the SAR  building.

KF7LVE asked KI7XF to make a repeater list.

KI7XF reported that it is on his “to do” list.

KF7LVE moved that we adjourn the meeting. It was seconded by W7LR. The motion passed.

Respectfully submitted,