Minutes from January 2013



Allan Schrum AI4RO President

Jerry Gregoire KD7WLX Vice-President

Eric Anderson KF7OLR Treasurer

Falicia Anderson KF7TAH Secretary

Jerry McDonald W7FVB

Don Wilson KC7EWZ

Jim Hall AA8Y

Don Godward N7FLT

Cyrus Smith NU7Q

Harley Leach KI7XF

Rich Michau KF7LVE

Don Regli KI7OV

Todd Gahagan WA7U

Dave Ford KE7CAP

Larry Hayden KF7L

Fred Cady KE7X

Emily Schrum

Theresa Schrum

Jack Myers K7ODN

Cheri Hansen

Mike Hansen AE7SN

Wayd Walker KF7LVF

Ralf Bergantine KC7PFH


Allan Schrum AI4RO called the meeting to order @ 7:02pm.


2013 Officers:

President- Allan Schrum AI4RO

Vice-President- Jerry Gregoire KD7WLX

Treasurer- Eric Anderson KF7OLR

Secretary-Falicia Anderson voted in as secretary

         Huge thanks to all 2012 officers!


Old Business:

Christmas Dinner will be at the Mint Bar and Grill in Belgrade on Thursday, January 24th 2013. Thank you Theresa Schrum for planning this dinner! Allan Schrum AI4RO will post info on the reflector.


Minutes looked at an approved with a few minor details changed, spelling of names and call signs. Sorry!


Treasures report: Presented by KF7OLR, Deposit of $40. Balance $2,367.72. There were two early yearly dues deposits, no withdrawals.

         Reminder: Dues are due for 2013


VE Testing: next test will be in March


ERA: nothing to add. Annual presentation will be in February


SAR: No events in the last month, a few close calls. Don Wilson KC7EWZ, is still in the process of programming public radios to narrow band, hospital yet to do.


School Club: School Club Roundup will be second week in February. Help is needed and much appreciated! Vivian do you have a signup sheet for that?


88 Net: Don Wilson KC7EWZ-For two weeks there was no net (Christmas)


Snow foxes: None yet. Harley Leach KI7XF reported on his hunt.


HF: Don Godward N7FLT reported it has been good/bad. Fred Cady KE7X talked about meteor bounces.






         Presentations: Jerry Gregoire KD7WLX expressed encouragement to those willing to do presentations for the meetings this year. PLEASE sign up to do one!

         Greater Yellowstone Cycle: Panning committee: Jerry Gregoire KD7WLX, Todd Gahagan WA7U, Don Wilson KC7EWZ and Falicia Anderson KF7TAH

         Webmaster for our webpage: Larry Hayden KF7L has offered to take on the webmaster position with the help of Cyrus Smith NU7Q. Thanks!


New Business:

Roster: Rich Michau KF7LVE has asked for a roster to be made and available to everyone. Discussion was held as to whether all info should be released and where it should be released. Roster will be posted on the reflector. It should only be released on the website if the website should become password protected, for privacy purposes. Another option is paper form, could possible do yahoo as well. The secretary, Falicia Anderson KF7TAH will work on this, you will be allowed to check your info before itís released and withhold any info as well. Harley Leach KI7XF will email Falicia the list he has for a few years back.


Ham fest is lacking a director. If you would like to do this please let someone know or we will wait until 2014 to hold another ham fest. Don Wilson KC7EWZ has offered to advertise this to other ham clubs and cities.


Community Events: These need to be posted on website. Please contact Larry Hayden KF7L or Cyrus Smith NU7Q with any information. Discussion was held about what it means to help out the community. Bylaws were read concerning this issue.



         SAR Board- Don Wilson KC7EWZ

         Eagle Head-Kathy Gregoire N7UNI has done this in the past, will vote on this next meeting if she is willing to continue.

         Field Day- Don Godward N7FLT Please let Don know what you would like to see at field day! It was asked; what is the purpose of field day? Answer; to be able to provide emergency communication in all situations. Discussion on advertising for field day followed. Dale will not be in town during field day so it was brought up to move the field day location. Don will check into that.


Bylaws: One minor typo; Section 4, particle 1, at the end there should be a 4 not a 3. This was approved on 5-3-12. This has not been corrected on the website nor does it state who the president was. It was also asked that the secretary have copies of the bylaws for new members and for those who want them.

         Bylaws will be the topic for discussion in February. Please look these over and bring yours to the February meeting.


Rich Michau KF7LVE moved the meeting be adjourned. It was seconded by Jim Hall AA8Y

At 7:55pm. The motion passed.


Snacks-Todd Gahagan WA7U offered to bring snacks for the February meeting.


Fred Cady KE7X gave a great presentation on Antenna Matching, Transmission Lines and Baluns. Thank you!


Respectfully submitted,

Falicia Anderson KF7TAH