Monthly meeting of the Gallatin Ham Radio Club

Babcock Ray AD7RB
Evans Lee KE7HAN
Gahagan Todd WA7U
Godward Don N7FLT
Gregoire Jerry KD7WLX
Gregoire Kathi N7UNI
Heidner Dale W7NAV
Heidner Irma
Leach Harley KI7XF
Leo Bob W7LR
Lewis Tom AB5CK
Linden Vivian K7CUB
Reger Norm KD7TQM
Regli Don KI7OJ
Scheidt Les AC7RY
Springer Larry K6PJ
Walker Bruce KE7SJZ

Bergantine Ralph KC7PFH
Chaffer Dick NA7I
Godward Don N7FLT
Godward Jim AC7PO
Golsner David W7CXC
Gregoire Jerry KD7WLX
Hall Jim AA8Y
Helvey Ric KB7KB
Kincaid Bob K7RND
Harley Leach KI7XF
Leo Bob W7LR
Lewis Tom AB5CK
Linden Vivian K7CUB
Myers Jack N7ODN
Newman Kay N7ZHN
Reger Norm KD7TQM
Regli Don KI7OJ
Scheidt Les AC7RY
Sessoms Dave KE7MCZ
Smith Cyrus NU7Q
Walker Bruce KE7SJZ
Wilson Don KC7EWZ

Introductions:: 7:04 PM

Secretary’s Report: Don Wilson - out of town

April Minutes were approved

Treasure’s Report: KI7XF $2571.55 in GHRC account
KI7XF said W7ROE became Silent Key

Announcements: None

Committee Reports:
ERA: W7LR said there was nothing to report

VE: AD7RB There will be an exam on Saturday 06/06/09
Field Day will have testing

SAR: N7FLT Not much activity
Dog training work well using GHRC communications trailer
Worked on trailer and serviced fuel / batteries

Repeaters: No report made

CJMS: K7CUB The first School Club Roundup contest netted CJMS with
a 5th place. This is their first contest and they did not even
have the antenna set up at the beginning of the week.
The kids enjoyed it.

Hamfest: W7LR
Has conducted Several meetings.
Prize money has been exhausted with a few remaining decisions:
SWR Meter
2 - QSL prizes
Thinking about:
Base station antenna
HT antenna
Power pole
Astron RS20M Power Supply
Pre-Registration $3.00
Raffle tickets $1.00
More decisions will be finalized.

Gallatin RF Parts:
LMR600 and many connectors on hand
$200 in account

Old Business:
Field Days:
Location has New address, 178 Heidner Lane (same location)
KE7SJZ or KC7EWZ will pull trailer to Field Day location
Pot Luck Saturday night (See N7ODN's reflector message for details)
KI7XF will provide Fox Hunt
N7FLT will run “phone” station
KD7TQM will arrange for Porta-Potty

KD7WLX is concerned about liability insurance
Wants GHRC to sanction or sponsor club events
Waiting for more insurance information from AC7PO

GHRC Trailer:
N7FLT mounted new antenna
Wants to shorten “benches” (KE7SJZ will look into that project)
Trailer is kept at the Airport

New Business:
ARRL will double hamfest gifts if test sessions are ARRL sanctioned.
ARRL tests are $1 more than W5YI
W5YI VE’s may become ARRL VE’s without test by submitting paperwork

Asked if there will be a GHRC picnic this summer?
Majority of attending club members indicated they approve.
N7UNI Volunteered to help if N7ODN coordinates a GHRC picnic.
No other plans for a GHRC Picnic were made at this meeting.
Notification will be via the Internet if there is a Picnic.

Speaking for K7YD: Looking for volunteers to help with the
“Tour De Cure Bike Race” (benefits diabetes) on September 19, 2009.

Discussion was made how people could volunteer for public service events.
It was suggested to use the Internet for signing up volunteers.
July 18 Peyton Race
July 24,25,26 Headwaters Relay
August 15 Ridge Run
Sept. Fall Festival, Marathon
September 19 Tour De Cure Race

Motion to adjourn @ 8:01 PM by N7FLT and was Second by N7UNI.. Majority favored.