GHRC Minutes for the June 2, 2011 meeting

Allan, AI4RO, called the meeting to order and listed the agenda items for the meeting. The president was absent.

Attending the meeting were the following:

Call Last name First name

K7CUB Linden Vivian

Schunke Karen

K6PJ Springer Larry

W7NAV Heidner Dale

YL Heidner Irma

AD7RB Babcock Ray

KE7X Cady Fred

KI7OJ Regli Don

AC7RY Scheidt Less

KF7LVE Michaer Rich

N7ODN Myers Jack

AI4RO Schrum Allan

KF7QDO Gaston Joe

N7FLT Godward Don

N3RC Cooper Roger

NR7B Maher Rob

KI7XF Leach Harley

W7FVB McDonald Jerry

KF7LFK Roen Jonathan

KE7SJZ Walker Bruce

NU7Q Smith Cyrus

W7LR Leo Bob

KE5NGK Hogan Justin

KF7LVF Walker Wayd

KC7PFG Burge Kurt

Rich moved that the minutes from the last meeting be approved. It was seconded by Larry. Motion passed.

Committee Reports:

The next VE testing session is June 4, 2011 at 9:00 AM at the SAR meeting room. Ray, AD7RB, said that he needed VEs. Volunteers were secured for the test session. There will be a test session at Field Day also.

ERA report from Bob, W7LR, said that they had received a letter from Mountain Communications. Ophir School at Big Sky would like to put a repeater on Buck Ridge. Kathy, N7UNI, would like to have a meeting to determine some policy about the use of the site. That meeting date has not been set.

SAR There was not much to report. Don, N7FLT, said there were two minor calls.

Middle School Ham Radio Club has concluded all activities for the year. Don and Jack will do some antenna work before the fall session starts.

The 88 Net now has a control operator for each week of the month. K7CUB reminded members that it is a good way to keep up with events during the summer when we do not have meetings.

HF news. There were announcements about which bands had been open. This, of course, is always changing.

Fox Hunt. Allan reported on the CQ World Wide Fox Hunt. There was a large attendance and all enjoyed the hunting, picnic and the prize drawing. The flooded areas did present a challenge, however, all hunters had some success. Regularly scheduled transmitter hunts on the first and third Saturdays of the month from 10-12:00. Check in on the 447.95 repeater to join the hunt. On Saturdays with VE testing, the hunt may go longer if needed.

Announcements: Check email for volunteering for the various activities for the summer.

Old Business: At the Bridger repeater site, there has been snow covering the building. The folks at Bridger Ski area were helpful to create a chimney to vent the generator. A lot of the radios were not working, however, the 146.88 repeater has done nicely so far.

MS Walk on May 14 was supported by 4 people with very positive feedback. They would like to have hams help next year and will call months instead of days ahead of the event.

Saturday morning breakfast is now at four corners.

New Business

Rich, KF7LVE, designed a logo for the club and passed around copies for everyone to see. He will put it on the web site for people to see and make comments.

Larry,K6PJ, said that the MSU satellite will try again to launch in October.

Larry will be starting a tech class on June 3. He will offer a general class in July. He will offer one class per semester as needed. Anyone is welcome to join the class.

Summer picnic. Jack talked about what is needed to secure the covered area for the picnic. Call the city offices. There is a need for someone to head up the planning for the picnic.

Field Day is June 25-26. N7FLT reported that there will be two stations operating. Friday afternoon help is needed to set up . Don, N7FLT, will put out more information on email. The potluck is on Saturday about 6:00 pm. It will be at Dale’s place just off of Amsterdam Road. There will be signs and the radio frequencies are 447.7 and 146.52 for information. GPS coordinates are on the web site. There will be a fox hunt and a VE test session.

Hamfest Rich would like to have a banner to hang on the fence at the fairgrounds. He still needs to have volunteers help with the vendor door, set up and clean up. We need to be cleaned up by 7 pm after the hamfest. There may be a planning meeting during July or August. It was decided that the grand prize winner does not have to be present to win.

Jack,N7ODN, would like to train someone with the ARRL publications with the helping person willing to take over the task. Jack passed around a catalog of publications and suggested that we “sponsor” a book. If it is not sold at the hamfest, it would be purchased by the sponsor. There are discounts for GHRC members, however, the books are sold at regular price at the hamfest. Let Jack know if you can help.

Lewis and Clark Marathon: Allan made a schedule and people signed up for locations to help. Frequencies will be 146.88 and 447.7. Don, KI7OJ, and Vivian, will move the trailer. Information was given about the race. Rob, NR7B, also answered questions about the race.

Fred,KE7X, gave an informative presentation about traveling to contest. It was enjoyed by everyone.

Submitted by K7CUB for KC7EWZ