GHRC Minutes from the June 7, 2012 meeting

The meeting started with roll call. Eric Anderson
DonGodward N7FLT Norm Reger KD7TQM
Wayd Walker KF7LVF Jim Hall AA8Y
Falicia Anderson KF7TAH Jack Myers N7ODN
Jerry McDonald W7FVB Allan Schrum AI4RO
Bob Leo W7LR Dale Heidner W7NAV
Irma Hiedner XYL Don Thompson N3CWD
Don Wilson KC7EWZ Vivian Linden K7CUB
Jerry Gregoire KD7WLX Kathi Gregoire N7UNI
Tim Schober AE7PJ Rich Michau KF7LVE
Chiara Schober
Linda Godfrey

KD7WLX called the meeting to order.
KF7LVE moved to approve the minutes from the May meeting. It was seconded
by AA8Y. The motion

Treasurer Report:
Treasurer report. KF7OLR reported an ending balance of $2,297.24.
$500.00 paid to the MARLA system
$76.00 for our P.O. Box It is now at the Baxter PO.
$115.00 deposited, of those deposits two possible names of members have
been lost. If you find that you paid dues, and your name is not on the
roster inform KF7OLR or K7CUB.
There are four names added to the last membership list.
$20.00 W7NAV Dale Heidner
$20.00 NU7Q Cyrus
$30.00 KE7SJY Robert Waleisen
$20.00 KE7CAP David Ford

VE There will be a VE session on Saturday, June 9. Volunteers are needed.
There was no budget report.

HF propagation continues to vary. The radio from the SAR room will go to
Field Day so people can learn to use it.

88 net. There is a different net control for each week. Sometimes it is
hard to hear because of the problems with the repeater. The check- ins have
decreased with summer activities and repeater problems. The 88 net is a
good way to keep up with summer events.

SAR N7FLT reported 3 call outs. The dog certification was in West
Yellowstone over Memorial Day. They used the new building . There will be
a Department of emergency Services (DES) activity with 4 counties involved
in June.

Fox hunting There have been no fox hunts. There will be a fox hunt at
Field Day.

The School Club placed sixth in the School Club Roundup. There were many
students involved in the contest. Activities have been concluded for the

ERA W7LR reported $1300 in the checking account and $400 in the savings
account. W7LR and KI7XF have been working with the insurance policy. They
will need a better equipment list to change policies for next year. The
annual premium needed to be paid before a current list could be made.

Hamfest The hamfest will be August 25 in Belgrade. N7ODN reported on the
book order for the hamfest. He is again asking people to sponsor a book. He
passed out a booklet with suggestions for ordering books. Let N7ODN know
by the end of July what book you would like to sponsor. NU7Q is working
on the advertising.

Old Business

Field Day will be at W7NAVís place. Set up for field day will be Friday
afternoon, June 22.
AE7PJ will bring a barbeque grill. Bring your own meat and a dish to pass
for the evening pot luck June 23.

There will be a GOTA (get on the air) station for people to practice
radio skills. KD7TQM has the porta potty ordered. Monitor 146.88 or 449.9
for directions to the site.

Club Picnic
A date of August 8 was suggested if the park is available. AI4RO will
contact the city. AA8Y and NU7Q will secure the food, if AA8Y is here. ( He
may be called away to work on a fire.) Volunteers are needed to bring
grills, etc. Watch the Yahoo group email for details.

KC7EWZ thanked hams for helping with the MS walk. All went well.
On July 29th there will be a triathalon. It will be from Bozeman Ponds to
Battle Ridge and back. 3-4 volunteers with mobiles are needed.

The Ridge Run is August 11. K7ZHN has most of the hams needed for the
event. Others are welcome to go along. W7LR, KL7JGS and Dave Summerfield
are working to help change the course at Bridger to avoid being near the

KD7WLX would like a list of Elmers to help with questions from new and
experienced hams.

KF7LVE made a motion to adjourn the meeting. It was seconded by KF7LVF.
Motion passed.
Respectfully submitted,

AI4RO introduced N3CWD who talked about the Red Cross and how volunteers
could help with Red Cross activities.