Field Day 2000!

It's that time of year again! We all talk about Field Day and how we look forward to it. There are a lot of new hams who have never experienced Field Day. This is our chance to further entice the new hams to further delve into the great expanse of Amateur radio. This year, why not elmer someone in the art of Field Day. Call them up and tell them you would like to have them join you at Field Day as your guest. Even if it's only for a few hours, convince them that they need to attend. Field Day is our opportunity to expose them to the great family of ham radio they may be missing.

This year is unique because it's the year 2000. Because of the year 2000, there's not only going be the local club's Field Day events, there is also the state wide Field Day event called Montana Field Day 2000. Field day starts on air operations on June 24th at 12 Noon and runs continuously until June 25th at 12 Noon. Set up usually takes place the morning of the 24th and sometimes the day before.

The local Field Day operations will take place in its normal location at the Battle Ridge Cabin located up Bridger Canyon. Travel past the Ski hill to the "Y" in the road. Take the middle fork and continue up the pavement till you see the signs for Field Day on the right (west) side of the road. The road will go down through a meadow and back up a slight hill to the cabin. Set up will take place Saturday morning with Field Day starting at 12 Noon. Some might show up Friday night but check first to make sure so you don't arrive on Friday night to a locked gate. Saturday evening there will be a potluck. Field Day will end at 12 Noon on Sunday.

Montana Field Day 2000, MTFD2000, will take place at the "Little Red Schoolhouse" located north of Helena, MT just a couple hundred yards east of Interstate 15. This location has plenty of parking for campers and tents, grills to cook on (no open fires allowed) and lots of room to set up antennas. To get there, take I-90 from Bozeman to Highway 287. Take that north to Helena and get onto I-15, head north to the second exit from where you got on the interstate. You can also listen to 146.52, 146.85 (minus) and call for directions, as someone will be monitoring. There will not only be the Field Day events but also a talk put on by the Weather Service, Possible VE testing, door prizes and a Saturday evening pot luck. The Bozeman club will be setting up the SSB station, The Great Falls club will be setting up the CW station and the Helena club will set up a very impressive digital station. The call signs used will be K7MT, and for the novice station, KD7FMT. There will also be a digital camera set up to "frame grab" every 10 to 15 minutes all the action of the MTFD2000 event and posting it to the web. Check out the web page for more details at: .

You can attend both Field Days and operate both stations. The only thing you can’t do is make a contact with each station. In other words, you can’t operate Field Day at the Battleridge campground and contact the MTFD2000 event station, then drive to the MTFD2000 event station and contact the Battleridge campground Field Day station.

Both Field Days are a opportunity to get involved with Amateur radio. Be it with the local club to gain experience with area friends or with the MTFD2000 event station to meet other hams from around the state, either way, or attending both, you will have fun that you will remember for a lifetime.

See you at Field Day!



Sacajawea Middle School, Thursday June 1st, 2000. The school is located on South 3rd and the meeting starts at 7 PM. The entrance to the building is from the NE parking lot.

Meeting Minutes May 4th, 2000

submitted by KD7FVR, Ron Schimpf

The May meeting was held at Sacajawea Middle School. Vice President Corey KC7MRQ called the meeting to order at 7:00 PM. 19 members were in attendance.

Minutes of the April 6, 2000 meeting were approved as printed in the newsletter.


Harley KI7XF reported that the club balance is $1200.00 minus a little bit. Treasurer’s report was accepted by unanimous vote.


Don N7FLT announced for Laura KJ7UN, that the movie "Frequency" has not yet come to Bozeman. We won’t be going as a group until it makes it here.

Doug KK7VC needs volunteers to help man the door for the GHRC ham fest Oct. 14.

Don KC7EWZ will get the ham fest flier to Corey, KC7MRQ to convert to PDF format for the GHRC web site.

Jack N7ODN will not be here for the VE Session on Saturday, June 3. Jim, AA8Y will manage the exams. Todd WA7U is also prepared to manage as backup. The exams are prepared. All new exam elements will be available. Jack will not be here for the next club meeting.

We are still on for administering an ARRL exam session at the Glacier Waterton ham fest on July 14, 15, and 16. The manuals announced at the last meeting are here, to be picked up during the break.

Jack will host the August get together at his home again on Friday evening August 11, beginning about 5:30 PM. He will have barbecue grills ready. Bring your own meat. Those with call signs ending in A through M, bring salad - N through Z bring dessert.

A work session will be held about 10 AM on Saturday May 13 at the High School. Glenn KD7AZT needs assistance to install antennas, coax, and to test equipment for the high school ham club.

Corey KC7MRQ announced that members of the public will be invited to our next meeting. There will be a presentation, approximately one and a half to two hours, by the National Weather Service. There will be approximately 70 in attendance, in addition to our group.


Don KC7EWZ reported on the Search and Rescue meeting. The current Fair Board invited Chris Kent to present a proposal to build a new SAR building on the location of the current shack. There is potential for the new building to house the SAR and the EOC. The EOC location in the courthouse is likely to be safe until the new building is completed.

The Search and Rescue rendezvous this July 28 through July 30 is primarily for SAR who are on the job. There will be sectionals covering the use of GPS and maps as well as radio protocol. Anyone interested in attending, notify Don KC7EWZ.

The Rainbow People event seems to be zeroing in on the Horse Butte area near West Yellowstone. The Sheriff’s Dept. would appreciate some auxiliary amateur communications during the event, which will run from two weeks before July 4 through two weeks after.

Don KI7OJ said that the Eaglehead Repeater Association is waiting for good weather to get to the sites for coax replacement and the needed maintenance.


Lyndel N7LT updated the club on the Montana Field Day 2000 by Helena. The Great Falls club will set up a CW station and a Novice station. The Gallatin Ham group will set up a sideband station. The Helena group will set up a digital station. The Anaconda group may attend and may set up a station as well.

Don N7FLT announced that set up for the GHRC Field Day will begin Friday evening, June 23, 2000. The event, at Battle Ridge, should be rolling by 9AM Saturday. Potluck will begin about 5:30 Saturday evening.

Jack N7ODN suggested that we might want to consider purchasing the new Gordon West tapes, which are more in line with the restructuring. They cost $20.00 per set.

Harley KI7XF reported that we may be asked to help bail out the MSU Ham Club. The 1970’s coax is in violation of the fire codes. It needs to be run through conduit and sealed.


After the break we viewed a video of a 125’ tower coming down in the Helena valley, and a few videos of Kenwood radio products.

The meeting adjourned at 8:50 PM.


Upgrade Honor Roll

This is a new column to honor all who receive or upgrade their license! Those who upgrade will remain on this list for the rest of the year.

Congratulations to all who upgraded!

Tech class (new licensee)

Vikki Bohlman KD7HGY

Scott Graber KD7HGZ

Andy Macrae KD7HXA

Shelley Peterson KD7HXB

Melody Schimpf KD7HXC

Ross Snider KD7IEV

Kim Snider

Joshua Alzheimer

General Class

Andrew Jesaitis KD7EMO

Wendy Reeser KD7DYW

James Sweaney KD7DYU

Ron Schimpf KD7FVR
Darrell Berreth KC7NHF

Don Wilson KC7EWZ
Pat Sands N7SVI

Don Bissell K7DRB

Kurt Borge KC7PFG

Gordon Lister KD7HHA

William Loman N7PWC

Kent Rudolph N7WHL

Extra Class

Robert Williams N7ODM

Walt Baxter WB7USV

Ralph Bergantine KC7PFH

Ric Helvey KB7KB

John Nash K7YXU

Doug Peterson KK7VC

Don Regli KI7OJ

Larry Cronenwett KA7WXN

Dale Heidner W7NAV

Theodore Hundtoft KA7QCY

Willard Cox N7FMT

Greg Estep KC7SK

Jim Fuller N7VMR

Jerome McDonald W7FVB

Albert Zoller W6OTE

Darrell Berreth KC7NHF

Harley Leach KI7XF

Element definitions:

Element 1: 5 words per minute

Element 2: Technician Class (35 questions, 26 needed to pass)

Element 3: General Class (35 questions, 26 needed to pass)

Element 4 Extra Class (50 questions, 37 needed to pass)


VE Test Sessions

Test sessions are held at 9 am in room 632 at

Cobleigh Hall on the MSU Campus the first Saturday AFTER the first Thursday during the following months: December, March, June, September. This schedule may be revised. Make sure to check your newsletter each month for any changes to the VE Testing Schedule.

For more info: Contact Jack, N7ODN

2000 Testing Schedule


June 3rd

September 9th

December 9th

Happenings Page

June 2000

1 Club Meeting


3 7:30am Breakfast & Testing 9am



6 Net 146.88




10 7:30am Breakfast Korner cafe



13 Net 146.88



16 VHF Contest

17 VHF


18 VHF



20 Net 146.88





Field Day


Field Day


27 Net 146.88




Schedule of Events

June 1st. — Club meeting 7 PM.

June 3rd. — Ham & eggs, 9 AM testing

June 6th. — 146.88 Net at 8 PM

June 10th. — Ham & eggs at 4-corners cafe 7:30 AM.

June 13th. — 146.88 Net at 8 PM.

June 16th – 18th — VHF Contest

June 17th. Ham and eggs at 4-corners cafe 7:30 AM.

June 20th. — 146.88 Net at 8 PM.

June 24th. – 25th. — Field Day

June 27th. — 146.88 Net at 8 PM.






ARRL and GHRC W7ED Out Going QSL

Service For Members

Don’t forget to get your outgoing DX QSL cards to Lyndel N7LT for inclusion in the next shipment of cards to the ARRL outgoing DX bureau. The club is picking up the shipping costs so save some money and get your DX cards in!


Mics and Manuals Needed

K7BZN Sacajawea Middle School Ham Club needs power cords and hand mics for their Kenwood TS-430s and a TS-120S. The TS-430S uses a standard 8 pin mic connector and the TS-12S uses a standard 4 pin mic connector.



Montana Amateur Radio History

10 years ago – June 1990

Section Manager is Pete Peters, KF7R (now W7OW), Frank Haxelbaker, W5FTD who was a state senator who introduced and helped pass the first Amateur Radio license plate bill in the state of Montana. MTN and MSN are both now on 3,900 KHz. (today on 3,880 KHz) Periphix Inc batteries for the ICOM BP-8 cost 29.50. ICOM IC-765 deluxe HF rig cost $2,700. Cushcraft A3S cost $300. Alinco DJ-500T dual band handheld cost $380.

20 years ago – June 1980

Section Manager is Bob Leo, W7LR. Aurora openings on 6 meters for the Bozeman area. GHRC provides communications for the Yellowstone snowmobile race on 2 and 75 meters. N7ANR and WB7WFY hiked through snow to 10,000 foot Steamboat Mtn to repair repeater in Gallatin range.

50 years ago – June 1950

Section Manager is Fred B. Tintinger, W7EGN. In Missoula, Mrs. NRJ presented the OM with twin daughters. CT the SEC reports that the Emergency Corps membership and activity is on the increase. The Gallatin Valley Club holds emergency drills on regular schedules and has a program to help beginners, including ARRL training movies, talks on theory, and code practice. MSX has new 28 Mc. Beam and also works 7 Mc. CW. The Butte Amateur Radio Club will issue a large copper on paper certificate to anyone submitting proof of QSO with six Butte Stations



Dayton Hamvention 2000

Submitted by Lyndel Thiesen, N7LT


You’ve all read about the worlds largest Hamvention at Dayton Ohio and some of you have dreamed like me to attend the hamvention. I got my first chance back in 1990 working for ICOM but it was frustrating not getting to see much beyond the main convention floor in Hara arena. This year being the that the ARRL convention was going to be at Dayton for the first time, I decided I’d try and go.

Cody, KC6UNN and I made plans to drive to Dayton in my pickup. Well, things changed and the night before I was to leave, Cody couldn’t make it. I decided to call the airlines and see how much it would cost to fly as driving round trip would take over 50 hours and I only had 7 days to go there. Northwest and Delta both wanted around $1,500 to fly round trip from Belgrade. I went to and got tickets for $250! I also got a car rental and Hotel each for $30/day. I could afford this so off I went for Dayton!

My flight got into Cincinnati Wednesday night at midnight. I went to the Four Days in May QRP mini hamfest on Thursday and got to meet the designers of the Elecraft K2 HF rig. What a treat that was!

Friday I joind the masses of 30,000 hams and attacked the flea market. It was disappointing as most the swap goodies were way over priced! I did find a slim bargain like hamstick antennas new for $12 each. I finally got into the vendors booths by 5pm right as they closed the hamvention for the day.

Saturday I again passed through the swap tables looking for any reduced prices. No luck. I then wandered back into the vendor buildings. It was unreal! There were so many booths to see that I was overwhelmed! Still, I pressed on. I went to the automobile manufactures and checked out their booths and asked question. Nice booths! I found incredible deals from the dealers! I picked up a ICOM IC-207 for $267 shipped! They normally go for around $300. I got to meet lots of manufacture and product designers in person! Too much fun for one person to have!

Sunday was a great day! I again attacked the swap tables with no reduction in prices! These guys are tight! I wandered back into the vendor/manufactures buildings and enjoyed digging deeper into their tables and looking up info on interesting subjects. I got to sit around and talk with the guys at ICOM for a while.

and (strolled over to shoot the breeze with the folks at Kenwood. That was interesting now that they don’t know who I am and I get to probe them to see what type of representatives they have. I also got to talk with my old boss Evelyn Garrison , WS7A who used to be the ICOM Sales Manager when I worked there. Now she is head of sales for Alinco.

Later Sunday, I went to the FCC seminar where Steve Linn, N4CAK, Bill Cross, W3TN and of course the Enforcer himself, Riley Hollingsworth, K4ZDH, put on a great talk from 8AM till 11AM! It was long but not a sole in the room got restless and everyone had questions for all the FCC personnel. After the seminar, I got to address Riley myself and ask him a few questions. It was a great honor to meet him and listen to him speak. He has quite a sense of humor.

The Hamvention ended with about 2 hours of prize drawings totaling over $100,000 from manufactures and vendors! Nope, I didn’t win... but it was fun watching those who did!

After the Hamvention was over I still had another day before my flight. I took Ken Kopp, K0PP’s, suggestion of visiting Wright Patterson Air Force Museum. Dayton is the home of the Wright Brothers. What an incredible time that was. It was almost as fun as the hamfest! You’d better have good feet for this though as there is a lot of walking to do!

Will I go back to Dayton again? YOU BET! Not soon but as soon as I can. Everyone should try it at least once. It’s an experience you’ll never forget!


Hamfests & National Amateur Radio Events




JULY 14, 15, & 16 2000 Essex MT.
Talk In: 146.520

Hamfest Registration:
Florence MT 59832


Fathers Day Picnic


Fort Peck, MT

June 18th. 2000




JULY 14, 15, & 16 2000 Essex MT.
Talk In: 146.520

Hamfest Registration:
Florence MT 59832





Talk in: 146.88/146.52/447.7

Hours 9:30 AM – 3:00 PM

Contact Don Wilson, KC7EWZ for more information


June 3 Governor's Cup

June 1-4 NW Division Convention, SEAPAC,

Seaside, OR

June 10-12 VHF QSO Party

June 17 Kids Day

June 24-25 Field Day

Oct 14 GHRC Hamfest


Computer Monitor Problems?

Submitted by Fred Cady, KE7X


Here is a note I wrote in late 1996. It seems even more relevant today as more and more computer manufacturers cut out more and more parts (Muntz TV strategy) in misguided attempts to lower costs. Thought it might be worth reposting.

--John W0UN


Many of the newer computers are omitting the RFI line filter in the power supply that keeps the garbage from the switching mode supply from entering the AC mains. I have had excellent results (as have others who have taken my suggestion) in virtually eliminating the interference by replacing the AC connector on the back of the power supply with an integrated AC connector and RFI filter such as the Corcom 6EF1. The rectangular mounting hole for the connector must be widened a few millimeters on each side-something that can be done with a file in a minute or two.

Just make sure there is enough room behind the connector position to clear the somewhat longer RFI filter. In one case I made the modification by bending a capacitor out of the way in order to clear the filter.

Some power supplies have a place on the circuit board for a filter but have eliminated the components to save some money, and have just placed jumpers in the positions where the components had been. It would be possible to make a new filter and add it to the existing location--or to add it between the circuit board and the existing connector----but the commercial Corcom filter is probably the best and easiest way to go.

The commercial filter has 1.0 mH coils (bifilar rated at 6 amps in series with each side of the line. On the computer side each side of the AC line has 2800 pF to circuit ground. On the AC mains side of the filter there is a 9000 pF capacitor across the mains (not to ground). Just make sure that you use capacitors that are rated to be installed across the AC mains!

The filters are available from most US electronics suppliers for around $10 or so, but can often be found in the surplus market for $1-$2. I used the 3 amp version (3EF1, which I consider to be a little marginal) because I found some for $1.

There is also a 3EF2 and a 6EF2 that will work and may be even easier to fit inside the power supply--their terminals come out the top/bottom rather than the end.

If adding and AC mains RFI filter doesn't completely cure the problem then additional RFI suppression will be needed--but in my cases (3 computers) it eliminated the problem.


Louisiana QSO Party

Submitted by Don Wilson, KC7EWZ


The Twin City Ham Club, W5EA, in Monroe, Louisiana is sponsoring the Louisiana QSO Party 2000. They are very excited about it as the last Louisiana QSO Party was 20 years ago.

They are making arrangements for announcements in QST, NCJ, CQ, and other publications and websites. But to be the most effective, they need for hams everywhere, both in the US and DX, to hear about the upcoming LAQP. This is where they would like to enlist your help.

You have access to many hams in your clubs. You know many hams across the country and around the world. Let them know about the Louisiana QSO Party. Mention it on your nets, in your club newsletters, and on your club's website of upcoming events.

The Louisiana QSO Party 2000 will be held on 30 September 2000. For full details and rules, see the Official LAQP website.

The Official Louisiana QSO Party Website

General queries should be directed to the TCHC Contest Chairman at, or to Scott Dickson, or via US mail
TCHC Contest Committee
PO Box 1871
West Monroe, LA 71294



FCC Enforcement in the area!

CHEYENNE, WY: The FCC wrote Frank J. Pinkley Jr on May 10, 2000, canceling his Technician class Amateur Radio license, KC7DUZ. On March 13, the FCC had requested that Pinkley retake his examinations under the supervision of FCC personnel by April 30, 2000. The FCC says Pinkley did not appear for reexamination. As a result, it was canceling his Amateur Radio license. FCC Special Counsel for Amateur Radio Enforcement Riley Hollingsworth warned Pinkley that continued operation of Amateur Radio transmitting equipment after receipt of the FCC's letter would be a violation of federal law and could subject him to criminal penalties and seizure of equipment.



7 to 10 amp power supply to run a mobile 2 meter rig.

Also, plastic battery case for a deep cycle marine battery.

Call Terry, N7GDM at 587-7400.



Hams Needed For Sweet Pea And Bridger Ridge Run

Submitted by Kay Newman, N7ZHN


The Big Sky Wind Drinkers will again be asking Ham Operators for help with communications in their upcoming summer events. The sweet Pea Run will be held Saturday, August 5th. Your help would be needed from 7 AM until about 9:30 AM or whenever the last runner gets in. About 4 operators would be sufficient. The Bridger Ridge Run is August 12th and most positions involve a longer period of time. Six operators are probably enough. Some of the Bridger Ridge Run volunteers will have to do some hiking. Call Kay, N7ZHN, at 586-5543 if you can help.


Newsletter Articles Needed!

As your newsletter editor, I’d like to ask the age old plea for articles and information. Anything you might have that would be of interest to other hams is what I’m looking for to include in our monthly newsletter.

If each of you could contribute just one thing once a year, I’d have enough material to fill every page of this newsletter.

Some of the things you could write about are: Antennas, Dxing, Emergency Services, Public Service, License upgrade experiences, Operating experiences, Contesting and the list goes on.

Contributions from magazines and other electronic media are also welcome. If you find something that you feel would be of interest to our club from the Internet, please forward it to me and I’ll see if we can get it in the Newsletter for everyone to enjoy.

Please send your newsletter articles and information to:

Newsletter Editor,

Lyndel Thiesen N7LT

1679 Remuda Dr.,

Belgrade, MT 59714

Email: Phone: 388-9531




By Clinton Herbert, AB7RG

I've been wondering, after about five years as a Ham, I've seen, heard, and met quite a few different Hams and attitudes on pretty much all the different modes and bands, and both on and off the air. I've came to a conclusion of sorts; that there are three very different types of Hams...

1: The "disgruntled" Ham. This type of Ham is easy to find. They are very bitter, for reasons generally unknown or at least not understood by me, and they really do nothing to help out their fellow Amateurs. What they do is complain and whine a lot, get angry, yell scream, post flames to the discussion boards on the Internet and to various e-mail reflectors, cuss at their fellow Amateurs on the air, and are a general pain in the rear. They do not care about Amateur Radio, just themselves their selfishness, and complaining all the time about anything and everything. Kind of depressing when you think about them for too long.

2: The Ham who wants help, and or is "new" to Amateur Radio. Now this Ham could end up like either the first type of Ham, the third type of Ham, or just get out of Amateur Radio out of disgust. (Then we ALL lose.) This type of Ham just needs a helping hand, someone who is willing to help them set up their station, or maybe even upgrade! They tend to find only the "disgruntled" Hams, and end up leaving the Amateur Radio Service. Funny how most Amateurs never even notice this type of Ham, as they slowly fade away.

3: The very rare Ham, the Ham who wants to help out, and does, in every way that he or she can. This can be in the form of joining ARES, becoming a V.E., starting up Ham Radio classes (hey a first day Technician is perfectly qualified to teach!) Setting up a Club station, helping out the Community, or helping the second type of Ham. Keep in mind that this third type of Ham is very rare, and if you find one, don't lose touch. To bad, that this type of Ham seems to be a dying breed. They might not be, if a few more "type two" Hams were helped out by say the "type one Hams", if they (we), could get their (our), act together... Yes, "type three" Hams care about their fellow Hams, Amateur Radio, and it's future. They are not a part of the problem, as the "type one" hams are, but rather, are a part of the solution.

So, which "type" of Ham are you? Personally I try my best to be a "type three" Ham...

Food for thought!

"The time has come for all of us set aside our differences, help out all new Amateurs that are coming into our ranks, and help them to become the type of Amateur that we aspire to be."





June 6 (open)           August 1 (open)
June 13 KC7EWZ     August 8 KC7EWZ
June 20 WA7U         August 15 (open)
June 27 (open)         August 22 (open)
July 4 (open)            August 29 (open)

July 11 KC7EWZ     Sept 5 N7LT
July 18 (open)         Sept 12 (open)
July 25 (open)         Sept 19 (open)


If you’ve not signed up as a net control operator yet, please do so! As members of the GHRC, each of us should take at least half an hour each month to help run the net. This is a very small sacrifice of time which greatly enhances the quality of our net and club.

If you’ve never run the net before, contact either KC7EWZ, Don or N7LT Lyndel for an outline on how to run the net. All you have to do is substitute your call sign and you’re ready to be net control. Running the net is a great experience which will help prepare you for participating in emergency communications.

The net is every Tuesday evening at 8PM on 146.88.