Minutes of the June 7, 2007 GHRC meeting:

Meeting called to order  1900

Attendance and roll call

Don Regli   -   KI7OJ
Rob Maher   -   KE7KEM
Jim Hall   -   AA8Y
Les Scheidt   -   AC7RY
Don Ward   -   AC7VY
Kathi Gregoire   -   N7UNI
Ray Babcock   -   AD7RB
Norm Reger   -   KD7TQM
Cyrus Smith   -   NU7Q
David Sessoms   -   KE7MCZ
Larry Heyden   -   KD7BEO
Dale Heidner   -   W7NAV
Jack Myers   -   N7ODN
Mal Goosey   -   N7GS
Todd Gahagan   -   WA7U
Bob Leo   -   W7LR
Scott Remington   -   KC7MRV
Don Godward   -   N7FLT
Laura Marino Lubner   -   KJ7UN


Kathi Gregoire, N7UNI, President, presiding


Secretary’s Report: None  (KJ7UN filling in for KC7EWZ)- Meeting minutes from May were approved as posted on the web with a motion from KJ7UN and a second from AD7RB.


Treasurer's report: No report - Treasurer, KI7XF was out of town


Announcements:  NONE



VE exams are scheduled for Saturday, June 9th at 9am.  See the website for details.  Please come to help if you are a VE.


ERA - Nothing to report


SAR:  SAR hams went to help in West Yellowstone with the Tri-State SAR dog Rendezvous.  KC7EWZ, N7FLT and KJ7UN attended from Wednesday the 30 - June 3rd and KE7CAP joined us for a few days, too.  Don and Don found batteries in one of the SAR repeater battery packs were no good.  KC7EWZ replaced them with new - so both packs are now good.  The remaining good pack fueled the repeater for the entire 5 days without trouble.


Airshow/Tower:   Dave is looking for someone to take over, since he will be out of town a lot from now on.  So far no one has stepped up.  Todd will talk to Dave and let us know if he finds out anything further.


Field Day is June 23 & 24.  All details are on the website.   Dale will set up a GOTA station in his camper.  Robert, KE7CLN, will use his Mega-RV as the CW station (we're told there's air conditioning - so everyone brush up on your cw skills!)  W7LR, N7GS and KE7CLN will head up that station.  N7FLT and KJ7UN will head up the phone station, in the W7ED trailer.  KD7TQM will handle all the details and delivery of the Port-John. 

POTLUCK:  Last names staring with A-L, bring Salads (potato, lettuce, pasta, veggie, fruit, etc...)  M - Z, bring desserts. 

W7LR agreed to copy the Field Day Bulletin for us again this year.  Thanks, Bob!



Hamfest - tentatively October 13 at SMS.  More details as we go.   Post ideas for "programs" on the reflector for us!  There will be a VE session in the afternoon.  We need someone to head the Hamfest committee for us, any volunteers?  If you're interested, please email the list!


President, N7UNI passed out some pamphlets she found floating around in her presidential bag.


Meeting adjourned 19:30

Respectfully submitted,

Laura Marino Lubner, KJ7UN

substituting for KC7EWZ, Secretary of GHRC

There was no scheduled program for us for this meeting, so N7UNI decided to have a Q & A session after the adjournment.  Discussed was:  CW shortcuts (A=1, N=9, T=0, R=Decimal)  Used for reports in contests - not much else.

Discussion of lightening, Jpoles & grounding - good info shared on ground rods, and how lightening travels.