The GHRC met on June 6th at the old MPC building.  K7CUB called the meeting to order, followed by introductions.  She asked for the secretarial report – Too much QRN for W7LR – he couldn’t remember doing one (although he has the notes – maybe I’ll add those to this!).  Treasurer KI7XF reported a bank balance of $1250.


                KI7OJ gave an update on Ian Gahagan who just had his hip operation in Missoula which went quite well.  The secretary will send him a card for the club (already done). 


                AC7RY reported on the upcoming engine academy at the Bridger Bowl fire hall for dispatcher practice this weekend.


                N7ODN reported that there will be a VE exam June 15th, 632 Cobleigh Hall, 9 am, all elements.


                N7FLT discussed Field Day, for 21-23 June, at W7NAV’s place just off Linney Road, which is the first road south from Amsterdam road west of the Gallatin River.  Turn east on a gravel road opposite Veltcamp road.  There will be a pot luck dinner Saturday evening about 5 to 6 pm – bring a salad or desert.  (How about main dishes?). 


                KI7OJ reported that SAR has applied for their own repeater frequency.  Also the hospital amateur facilities will be upgraded with new coax, furnished by the hospital.


                Ron announced that programs are needed for the hamfest, October 12th at SMS. 


                The airport drill will be September 14th


                W7LR reported on GHRC Christmas dinner possibilities.  Those who attended Valley View liked that, but it has become too expensive.  I am looking into the Mint Café in Belgrade.  They have a better price range, and also more of a family style seating arrangement.  The date is December 8th, a Sunday evening. 


                Questions were raised about the 82 repeater.  We need a survey party to determine what is wrong.  WB7USV and KC7BLO may possibly go to the site via ATV vehicles before it is possible to get there by 4 wheel drive trucks. 


                KB7KB reported on the 448.35 repeater and possible arrangements for that, or for tying it into the MARLA system, and other details on those repeaters.


                Kay advised that the ridge run is August 10th.


                K7CUB advised that GHRC will meet next season again at SMS.  There will be no meetings during July and August.  She also said that we need more volunteers for NCS on the Tuesday night repeater sessions.


                W7LR presented the program – video tape of the VP8THU South Sandwich Is. Expedition.


                Now let’s see what notes were left over from the GHRC May 2nd meeting!


                The treasurer reported a balance of $1409.  It was reported that the young lady, Ariana, 13 years old, from the SMS radio club had become a new Bozeman ham, and was awaiting her call.

Glacier-Waterton is scheduled for July 19-21.  WB7USV advised that Radio Shack has a new auto log meter with an RS232 port for $59.  AC7RY introduced Pete W7OW who gave a great program on message handling.         Minutes by Bob, W7LR  June 8th 2002.