GHRC Meeting Minutes for March 1,2012

Those in attendance are the following:

Vivian Linden                     K7CUB                                                  Larry Hayden                     KF7L

Jack Myers                          N7ODN                                                 Larry Springer                    K6PJ

Ric Helvey                           KB7KB                                                   Neil Ramhorst                   KL7JGS

Eric Anderson                    KF7OLR                                                 Nels Anderson

Fred Cady                            KE7X                                                      Jerry McDonald                                W7FUB

Karen Schunke                  KF7QJJ                                                  Allan Schrum                      AI4RO

Wayd Walker                     KF7LVF                                                 Jerry Gregoire                   KD7WLX

Rich Michau                        KF7LVE                                                 Jim Hall                                 AA8Y

Robert Waldeisen            KE7SJY                                                  Don Godward                    N7FLT

Ralph Bergantine             KC7PFH                                                                Bruce Walker                     KE7SJZ

Harley Leach                      KI7XF                                                     Don Wilson                         KC7EWZ

Cyrus Smith                        NU7Q

KD7WLX called the meeting to order and started with a roll call.

The treasurer’s report is as follows. The Secretary’s report is on the web site. A few Printed copies were available to read.

























 02, 2012





 $     2,544.19





















 $        40.00








 $        20.00








 $        20.00































































 $        80.00

























































 $     2,624.19










KF7LVE moved to approve the secretary and treasurer reports be approved.  K6PJ seconded the motion and it passed.

There will be VE tests on Saturday, March 3. VE’s  volunteered. The quarterly  schedule will be the first Saturday after the monthly meetings of the GHRC.  AI4RO indicated that this is now on the  club web site.

The 88 net has a good attendance and there is now a net control for each week.

160 has been good on HF. Recently 10 meters has been good also.

SAR   There have been two searches. One was at Sacajawea in the Bridgers. That one was an extensive search with many communications challenges. The other was a rescue for a skier in an avalanche near Saddle Peak.

KI7XF reported that the Hamfest will be  on August 11,18 or 25. This will depend on the scheduling of the National Guard Amory at the airport where the Hamfest will be held.

Montana Repeater Link Association

Also known as:


Started around 1997 with the intent to link all of the major cities of Montana together on 2 meters with a full duplex backbone on 440 MHz, the first two cities were Bozeman and Billings by the founders, Alan Overcast KF7FW and Ric Helvey KB7KB.  The system then expanded to the west near Three forks, which gave coverage to Butte and south to Ennis.  Then with the help of Don Heide W7MRI we added Helena with a repeater on Hogback Mtn.  Don enlisted the assistance of George Forsyth AA7GS to add Great Falls to the system.  Allan further extended MRLA to the east by adding a repeater near Pompey’s Pillar.  With that foundation in place, it was decided to use Echolink to expand to those areas not easily linked on 440.  This now includes the cities of Kalispell (Lyndell N7LT), Eureka (Don WR7DW), Bonners Ferry Idaho (Art N7MNK) and will include Missoula late 2012.

All this has come about by the dedication of the repeater owners listed above with costs coming out of local donations.  The annual system maintenance costs average $3000.00.  What is not covered by donations comes from the owners.  Your assistance in keeping this system useful for emergency & regular traffic is very much appreciated.

In the Bozeman area, the team of Ric KB7KB & Neil KL7JGS have built the following systems for the local area hams use & enjoyment:

                449.900 MHz repeater with Echolink node, located on High Flat.

                224.72 Mhz repeater (Club owned), located on High Flat.

                29.620 Mhz repeater tied to 145.250 Mhz repeater, both on High Flat.

                53.290 Mhz repeater link available to 449.9 & 224.72, on High Flat.

                448.350 Mhz repeater with IRLP node, located at Mandeville cell site.

These also have been funded by the owners and have enjoyed free use of High Flat & Mandeville sites till 2012. The site owner, Idaho Tower, was recently bought out and the new company, InSite towers, requires contracts for the use of these sites. Starting this year, with an annual cost of $500.00 each; a ham discount from the usual of $150.00 per month!

Donations for these local assets can be included in the payment to MRLA, as it is a State registered 501 c3 Non-Profit organization. Suggested annual donation for all is $35.00. Payable to: MRLA.   Thank you for your support.

                                                Ric Helvey 1506 Rainbow Rd Bozeman MT 59715-8382

----------------------------------------------------------- RECEIPT -------------------------------------------------------------------

___________________ paid $__________ to Montana Repeater Link Association, a tax deductable donation,

 As MRLA is a State 501 c3 Non-profit Organization.  (EIN 81-0500104)

Thank You,  ____________________________ Ric Helvey,  President of MRLA.

KB7KB reported on the MRLA System and answered questions.  KB7KB thanks  those who contribute.

CJMS: The School Club Round up was in February. A big thank you to all who helped as control operators. The students  really enjoyed the contest and new members joined the club after the contest. They will be celebrating the success of the contest with a pizza party later in March.

Fox Huntng:   KI7XF reported, “We’ve been having them. There is one Sunday.”

ERA:  It was reported that there was some noise on the 146.88 repeater.

Winter Dinner: NU7Q made the arrangements for March 4, 6:30 at Stacy’s in Gallatin Gateway.  It was suggested to email NU7Q if you are attending.

Public Service activities: KC7EWZ reported that the MS Walk is on May 12. There is a new event for us called the Triathalon which will be on July 29 starting at the East Gallatin Recreation site. It is sponsored by the Local Triathalon Race in Bozeman.  KC7EWZ made a motion that we support that activity. It was seconded by KE7SJZ. The motion passed.  KC7EWZ will chair that event. They anticipate needing only a few hams.

The Ridge Run is August 11.

KD7WLX wanted to enlist a committee to review the bylaws. The committee will be WA7U, KC7EWZ,  and KF7LVE. The bylaws were scanned and on the yahoo group. AI4RO will post them on the web site.

K6PJ talked about the next satellite launching from MSU. It will probably be in October , 2013. There has been some TV coverage about the program at MSU.

Field Day is at the end of June at W7NAV’s place. K6PJ said that he will have a field day on campus to encourage the newly licensed hams to participate.

KF7LVE made a motion to adjourn the meeting. It was seconded by AA8Y.  The motion passed.

KE7X gave an interesting presentation.

K7CUB, secretary

Voting Member Table Information Redacted