Meeting minutes GHRC Feb 7th 2002


Meeting called to order by K7CUB. Introductions.


Several indicated problems reading the electronic version of the newsletter. One solution will be to have some

hard copies to hand out at the meeting. It was suggested that Acrobat Reader version is needed. (W7LR went

from version 3 to 5, and that solved the problem. He has a CD with version 5 if anyone wants to use it).


The treasurer reported a balance of $1365.00


N7ODN reported that there will be a general class Feb 25 27 and March 1 and 3. The Monday after the meeting

was the deadline to sign up, in order to get books on time. The test session will be March 9th, 9 am at

632 Cobleigh Hall, MSU. Jack has some ARRL books in inventory. He will ask ARRL for a book package for

the library. The motion passed for GHRC to donate our book inventory to the library. It was discussed to possibly

have a book order for members once a year. It raised the question of the impact of book sales at our hamfest.

All ARRL books can be ordered at club meetings, but on a cash basis so as not to overload the inventory.


KC7EWZ discussed SAR matters – a budget submitted for pagers; status of the SAR building (Jason Shraugher

will take over from Chuck Beck on that effort); possible SAR plans if that can be done for less than $10,000.

Don also reported on several SAR searches – for the falcon hunter, the mountain lion hunter rescue, the

five year old lost near MSU. KJ7UN will lead a 4 wheeler group for SAR.


The 82 repeater has been down. We would like a snowmobile group to visit the site and determine what

problems may exist. (W7LR contacted N7MTR who will try to organize such an expedition).


The autopatch was discussed. AA7GK will donate one, and he and WA7U will check it out. It may be

relocated to N7ODN’s place. If that one is not suitable, we will need to purchase a new one.


AA7GK gave information on the upcoming DNRC class to train radio operators as fire radiomen.

It will be held in Helena April 20th and 21st, with several different sessions. Let Jeff know if you want to

attend. Those with this training will be called upon as fire radio dispatchers during fire seasons.


A sign up sheet for 2m net controls was passed around.


AAGK told us of IRLP – an internet repeater project, where with DTMF dialup you can use remote repeaters

all over the world. DSL and a fast PC are needed. Jeff and Rick KB7KB may move the 525 repeater from

Cobleigh to the Baxter for this project.


Les our VP said that Bob Frey would be a speaker on April 11th to tell us about the WTC events.

We will also have our regular meeting that month.


A signup sheet for the school club roundup was passed around, for that event at SMS.


W7LR said that he is working on a miniWIMU for West Yellowstone, August 5th and 6th. It will be a social

event for ex WIMU attendees who want to visit again. Let Bob know if you are interested.


A great program was presented by Charles Kandelborg on their balloon project. They showed photos taken

from the balloon from up to 100,000 feet elevation – great shots of the Yellowstone River and Yellowstone Lake.


Robert Leo, GHRC Secretary Feb 14th, 2002