GHRC Meeting March 4, 2004

Meeting called to order at 1902




Secretaries report: Last months minutes are in the web site.


Treasurers report: about $1500

Committee reports: KC7EWZ; the old SAR building is down and the paper work to start the new

has been signed.


ERA ; The 88 antenna has been temporally moved to a pole to the south.

Which helps. All the commercial transmitters (repeaters) will be on a

combiner into one antenna.

Big Sky search and rescue changed antennas at the 82 site with no


Insurance on all ERA equipment has been paid.


Old Business: The Tech classes are finished. The new tapes are longer and it takes 5 class

sessions instead of 4.

Exams: VE's for Saturday both 9am and 6pm sessions.


Barns and Nobel has the book "Now You're Talking"

New Business: Laura, KJ7UN had a question about a membership card, particular for

new members. Will send N7ODN, Jack's brochure and a card.

Laura, KJ7UN; SAR is putting on First Aid certification.


Information: Harley, KI7XF: Renewing FCC license on-line worked very well.


For a presentation, Don, KC7EWZ and Fred, KE7X gave a presentation on deploying the portable repeaters, Don told how to the deploy the MVP search and rescue repeater. Fred told how to deploy the Ruby-Garnet repeater kept at the Ft Ellis fire station.

To control the fixed Ruby-Garnet repeater ...... (this information is not published on the web for security reasons.  Please contact KC7EWZ or KE7X if you want to learn repeater controls.)