GHRC Meeting Minutes March 3, 2005



Meeting was called to order at 19:03


Secretary’s report: Dave KE7CAP gave report as I didn’t attend the meeting in February


Treasure’s report: Approximately $2219 in the bank account.


Announcements: APRS and IRLP equipment has been removed from the Baxter due to a new owner of

the building.


Committee Reports: Don KC7EWZ gave a SAR report, he had turned in a zero budget for the next year.


Harley KI7XF brought up the idea of puttiong ECHOLINK on the 447.70 repeater.


Jack N7ODN gave a report on the ongoing Tech Class.


Discussion on Airport emergency procedures and interaction with BDH and it was

noted that the VHF antenna at the hospital was down.


Don KC7EWZ asked about ham help for the ski and snowmobile races at West



Don KC7EWZ asked what our job functions as hams was and do we need practice

and/or training and have a callout from the callout list?

Do we need to set up teams ( units ) before hand and have them go to preassigned

For different events/disasters?


Meeting end: 19:50



Harley KI7XF gave and excellent talk on some of the different antennas used for DF’ing and demonstrated some of the equipment.


Harley KI7XF is planning a foxhunt for Saturday, March 5, 2005 and will make an announcement on the

447.7 repeater between 1 and 2 pm.