Meeting Minutes from November, 2012

Those present are the following:

Vivian Linden          K7CUB                                                             Allan Schrum         AI4RO

Todd Gahagan        WA7U                                                              Wayd Walker         KF7LVF

Rich Michau             KF7LVE                                                            Falicia Anderson    KF7TAH

Eric Anderson         KF7OLR                                                            Don Godward         N7FLT

Ralph Bergentine   KC7PFH                                                          Larry Springer        K6PJ

Ted Hundtoft          KA7QCY


In the absence of KD7WLX, AI4RO called the meeting to order. After roll call, it was determined that there was not a quorum.  Only short discussions of a few items were held.


Minutes from October were ok’d.

KF7OLR reported the balance in the treasury to be $2347.72. There were no expenses in October.

There was no report on the VE account.



VE   K6PJ will give a test on November 8. Anyone is welcome.  He needs VE help.  He will offer a new class in January.


ERA   N7FLT reports that the 146.82 repeater is connected to the 146.88 repeater. The repeater in West Yellowstone will be relocated. The positive offset repeater for 146.88 is still off the air because it does not have an identification.


SAR   N7FLT reported a couple of call outs for missing hunters and an avalanche accident.


88 Net   Attendance has been slim. Perhaps with winter coming there will be more check-ins.


HF  There has been more activity on HF and some good contacts have been made.


School Club   There is a good group of about 15 each week. They are excited about their contacts. They meet on Monday from 3:20-4:30.



The MSU satellite is still operational after a year. The tower at MSU is down.


Old business

We will need a lead person for the Yellowstone biking event for next summer.


New business

We will need a nominating committee for next year’s officers.

We will need someone to determine the location for the holiday party.

Dues are due in January.

Respectfully submitted,