Minutes for GHRC October 2012 meeting


Those in attendance were the following:

Vivian Linden                      K7CUB                                 Ted Humdtoft                   KA7QCY

Jerry Gregoire                   KD7WLX                               Rich Michau                        KF7LVE

Norm Reger                       KD7TQM                              Don Gosward                    N7FLT

Jim Hall                                 AA8Y                                     Jerry McDonald                                W7FVB

Wayd Walker                     KF7LVF                                 David Schattilly                  AD7BK

Larry Springer                    K6PJ


The President, KD7WLX, said that since there was not a quorum, official minutes were not necessary. There was a discussion of a few topics and those are summarized briefly.


Update that KI7OJ is home and he is still recovering. He needs to gain weight and is using a walker.


The Belgrade Fall Festival went well. It was the largest parade that they have had.


Tour de Cure went well. It is a large undertaking and thanks to everyone who helped. KD7WLX did a nice job of organizing the event.


Yellowstone Bike Ride is a three day event next August. There needs to be a chairperson. Our goal is to keep them safe.


K6PJ is offering a technician class. He will offer it each semester. There was not enough interest in the other levels.


Public Service frequencies are to be narrow band soon.


CJMS ham club will start October 8. K7CUB talked to all of the 6th graders to invite them to come.