GHRC W7ED Newsletter

October 2000 Issue


            Presidents Column

                        Jim Hall, AA8Y


Hamfest time is just around the corner. October 14th, and it looks like it will be another good one with

a nice Grand Prize for someone to take home. Don, KC7EWZ, and his crew Have put a lot of work

getting the hamfest going again.

It looks like fall is here from the weather we have been having this past week and that brings to mind

again that it’s time to get any outside antenna projects finished up before the weather gets really bad.

Anyone that needs help needs to only ask and I am sure that many of us, including myself, will be

willing to help out.  Just let some of us know.

Newsletter Editor Needed!

I’ve always wanted to produce a newsletter! Now, I’ve done it! It’s been a THRILL to

do the GHRC newsletter for one year. Thank you all for letting me produce it for you.

Now that I’ve accomplished my goal, I have many more "family goals" that need to be

attended to. I’m passing the pen to someone else in the club to carry on the newsletter.

This is to let members think about who they would like to have as newsletter editor.

Someone who’s never done the newsletter before should try it. It’s an experience like

no other in Amateur Radio.


Start your search for your new newsletter editor today!


Please continue until November 30th to send your newsletter articles and information to:

Newsletter Editor for year 2000.

Lyndel Thiesen N7LT

1679 Remuda Dr.,

Belgrade, MT 59714

Email: Phone: 388-9531



Bob Leo, W7LR

We all know about wattage and tolerance ratings - but many may not know about 
resistor voltage ratings.  2 watt carbon resistors should not have more than 500 volts 
across them.  Smaller resistors, even less voltage.  

I have found that ANTIQUE ELECTRONICS has the best choice and info on these.  Here is a 
* 1/2 watt carbon film 350v working
* 1 watt carbon film 500 v working
* 1 and 2 watt metal oxide 350v working
* 1/2 watt carbon composition 350v working
* 1/2 watt metal film 350v working
* 5 and 10 watt power resistors 350v working

I have been told that long wire wound resistors are rated at 500 volts per inch of length. 

I have used the 1 watt carbon film resistors for a resistive bleeder to measure high voltage 
with a scope or digital voltmeter.

Resistors should not be used at their maximum ratings as their resistance value will change 
over time when used that way.  I usually use them at half rated wattage.



Meeting Minutes

        submitted by KD7FVR, Ron Schimpf

The September meeting was held at Sacajawea Middle School. President Jim AA8Y called the meeting

to order at 7:00 PM. 22 members were in attendance.

Minutes of the June 2000 meeting were approved as printed in the newsletter.


Harley KI7XF reported that the club balance is $1020.00. Treasurer’s report was accepted by unanimous vote.


Jack N7ODN announced that all elements will be available for the VE session Saturday September 9.

Exams will be held in Cobleigh Hall room 632 at 9 AM. The club discussed holding classes in late February

for those wishing to test for a Technician or General license during the March 2001 exam session.


Ric KB7KB reported on repeaters. The 145.25 repeater will have to be moved as the house on the Southeast  hill is sold. Possibilities for a new site include the hospital with the 447.00 repeater, or in Cobleigh Hall with the 447.70 repeater.

The MARLA system is all up and working. Expansion is planned into Great Falls by October. The repeater,

146.68, will be in a private residence on the north hill above the TV towers. It should have excellent propagation north to Havre.

Boise now has a link to the Intermountain (Snowbird Interlink) system. Sawtell has changed frequency from

147.12 to 145.23. Access tones are: 100.0 Hz for the link and 124.0 Hz for local.

Lyndel reported that his repeater, 448.45, is down due to lightening. He intends to get it working again.

Don KI7OJ said that the fires put a damper on working on the Eaglehead Repeaters. They will attempt to

check batteries and bring down Big Sky Lumber’s old equipment as soon as possible.

Don KC7EWZ scheduled a meeting at his house for the Ham Fest Committees. Lyndel N7LT volunteered to

present a program on beacons. Fred KE7X is willing to present a program. Don KB6KJ will discuss PSK31,

and Bob W7LR will speak about the Hallicrafters Expedition of 1948. It was decided to schedule all the programs at separate times.


Jack N7ODN inquired about a table to sell ARRL and educational materials at the Ham Fest. It will be available.

Steve AB7MV announced that the ICOM IC-706 MKIIG radio for the grand prize cost $200.00 more than planned.  The club voted to cover the additional cost.

Mal N7GS said that the results of the School Club Roundup 2000 were in the September QST

magazine. Sacajawea Middle School, K7BZN, placed second in the US.

Don KC7EWZ announced that Jason Jarrett, SAR liaison, asked any ham who worked fires and incurred

expenses to fill out an SAR form for reimbursement. EOC shifts may also be paid if the County receives

any funds from FEMA. Don N7FLT suggested that if we receive any funds, we should purchase new radio

equipment for the EOC.


Jeff AA7GK suggested that we do something nice for Roy from Electronic Service and Distributing. He has

sold to Radar, Inc., an Electronics Distribution firm that is opening a branch by Four Corners. The club decided to take cake and ice cream to his store Friday afternoon, September 15 at 4:30 PM. We will present him with a $30.00 gift certificate for a dinner and a (tongue in cheek) $5.00 gift certificate to Radio Shack.

Bob W7LR will look into locations and date for the GHRC Christmas Party.

Harley KI7XF, and his XYL, Karla KC7BLA are leaving on October 10 for the ARDF Competition in China.

Neil KL7JGS is organizing hams to help with communications for MSU home football games.

The meeting adjourned at 8:21 PM.



Upgrade Honor Roll

This column honors all who receive or upgrade their license in 2000.

Congratulations to all who upgraded!

Tech class

Vikki Bohlman KD7HGY

Scott Graber KD7HGZ

Andy Macrae KD7HXA

Shelley Peterson KD7HXB

Melody Schimpf KD7HXC

Ross Snider KD7IEV

Kim Snider KD7ILW

Joshua Alzheimer KD7JBD

Tanner Currie KD7KKM


General Class

Andrew Jesaitis KD7EMO

Wendy Reeser KD7DYW

James Sweaney KD7DYU

Ron Schimpf KD7FVR
Darrell Berreth KC7NHF

Don Wilson KC7EWZ
Pat Sands N7SVI

Don Bissell K7DRB

Kurt Borge KC7PFG

Gordon Lister KD7HHA

William Loman N7PWC

Kent Rudolph N7WHL

Glen Gallier KD7AEP

Extra Class

Robert Williams N7ODM

Walt Baxter WB7USV

Ralph Bergantine KC7PFH

Ric Helvey KB7KB

John Nash K7YXU

Doug Peterson KK7VC

Don Regli KI7OJ

Larry Cronenwett KA7WXN

Dale Heidner W7NAV

Theodore Hundtoft KA7QCY

Willard Cox N7FMT

Greg Estep KC7SK

Jim Fuller N7VMR

Jerome McDonald W7FVB

Albert Zoller W6OTE

Darrell Berreth KC7NHF

Harley Leach KI7XF

Theodore Hudtoft KA7QCY

Michael McFeters KE7VQ

Carl Bartman KD7AZX

Element definitions:

Element 1 = 5 WPM CW Test

Element 2 = Technician Class

Element 3 = General Class

Element 4 = Extra Class



VE Test Sessions

Test sessions are held at 9 am in room 632 at

Cobleigh Hall on the MSU Campus the first Saturday AFTER the first Thursday during the following months:

December, March, June, September. This schedule may be revised. Make sure to check your newsletter each month

for any changes to the VE Testing Schedule.

For more info: Contact Jack, N7ODN

2000 Schedule

September 9th

December 9th

2001 Schedule

March 3rd

June 9th

September 15th


Happenings Page

October 2000





5 Club Meeting 7pm SMS


7 Ham & Eggs @ 4– Corners



10 146.88 Net at 8pm









17 146.88 Net at 8pm




21 Ham & Eggs @ 4– Corners



24 146.88 Net at 8pm




28 Ham & Eggs @ 4– Corners



31 146.88 Net at 8pm

Note: The paper issue of the calander has September instead of October….

Sorry about that!

If you have any events you would like to see posted here, please email or mail them to the Editor for inclusion in the October

newsletter. Deadline is Oct. 23rd

Oct. 5th – Club Meeting 8PM at Sacajawea Middle School.

Oct. 7th – Ham and eggs at 4-corners café 7:30AM.

Oct. 10th - 146.88 Net at 8PM.

Oct. 14th - GHRC Hamfest at SMS starting at 9:30AM.

Oct. 17th - 146.88 Net at 8 PM

Oct. 21st - Ham & eggs at 4-corners cafe 7:30 AM.

Oct. 24th - 146.88 Net at 8 PM.

Oct. 28th - Ham and eggs at 4-corners cafe 7:30 AM.

            Oct. 31st - 146.88 Net at 8 PM




Hamfests & National Amateur Radio Events




Talk in: 146.88/146.52/447.7

Hours 9:30 AM – 3:00 PM

Contact Don Wilson, KC7EWZ for more information


Chehalis Valley ARS

October 1, 2000 in Chehalis, WA

Talk in: 147.06

Contact: Bill Harwell, KC7QHJ 360-748-8086




Montana Amateur Radio History

10 years ago – October 1990

Section Manager: Pete Peters, KF7R. Lots of tech upgrades.

New packet BBS in Bozeman area, call sign KL7JGS; connect through BZN. For personal contact with KL7JGS, connect to KL7JGS-14, the freq is

145.01. W7IOJ was in hospitals & had an operation; George is out & doing well, except for being sore from the operation.

20 years ago – October 1980

Section Manager: Bob Leo, W7LR. The QST cover carries a picture of the new "official" ARRL flag. Montana QSO Party: start 1800Z Oct 11,

end 2300Z Oct. 12. Rest period 0500Z – 1400Z Oct 12. Sponsors Butte & Gallatin ARC’s. You may QSO same stn each band and mode exchange

RST and location. W7LR wants to advise that he does not plan to run for SCM next time – too much engineering & consulting work, and time for new

blood as SCM. WA7OBH reports lots of good DX. W7LBK reports he & K7ELW build 2 meter antennas. FB summer hamfests in Seattle & WYMU in

W. Yellowstone. W1XX idea: have an OBS for each repeater area to copy W1AW and read bulletins on 2 meter nets. KB7Q OVS report: 6 E’s July days

6 meters. Wants list all Montana 6 meter hams. N7ANR, N7ATT, KB7BJ, KA7AYN worked Bannak Dxpedition. KB7Q reports result of VHF path tests.

QSO’s between Butte, Bozeman, Billings from Mountian peaks. KB7Q has 47 states on 6 meters. N7ATT QSY to WY.

25 years ago – October 1975

Section Manager: Harry A. Roylance, W7RZY – Asst. SCM: Bertha A. Roylance, K7CHA. SEC. WA7IZR. PAM: WA7PZO. WR7ABY Butte, in new home on

Red Mountian & doing an FB Job. Billings Repeater on with a temp rig installed & plans are being made to go to solid state. WIMU Hamfest was well attended

and a good program was provided with lots of goodies along with several dealers present. W7PGY had to cancel his appearance because of a heart attack

but now is much improved. W1YL from headquarters also was present and gave a slide presentation on ARRL headquarters.



Sept 5 N7LT             Nov 7 N7LT

Sept 12 (open)          Nov 14 N7GS

Sept 19 (open)          Nov 21 KD7FVR

Sept 26 KD7FVR      Nov 28 (open)

Oct 3 KI7XF              Dec 5 (open)
Oct 10 (open)            Dec 12 (open)
Oct 17 (open)            Dec 19 (open)
Oct 24 K7CUB          Dec 26 (open)

Oct 31 (open)


If you’ve not signed up as a net control operator yet, please do so! As members of the GHRC, each of us should take a half an

hour each month to run the net. This is a very small sacrifice of time which greatly enhances the quality of our net and club.

If you’ve never run the net before, contact KC7EWZ, Don for info on running the net. It’s really easy! Running the net is a great

experience which will help prepare you for participating in emergency communications.

The net is every Tuesday evening at 8:00 PM on 146.88.



Christmas Party!

GHRC Christmas dinner set for Dec 10th at Valley View Golf Clubhouse, Kagy Blvd. 
Set aside that evening on your calendar.  We will have the place for our members if we have at least 30 attending.  They have facilities for a group of 30 to 100. No host bar. 
Meal choices, prices and arrangements will be announced soon after I work out the details with the clubhouse manager. 
We will propose at the next GHRC club meeting that the club pick up the dinner tip.  Later on we will request your dinner choice and discuss your time preference, and method of payment - probably checks to GHRC before the dinner. 

73 Bob W7LR










Ferrite Loopstick antennas in the 6 inch by 1/2 inch in diameter size (like the ones you find in old broadcast radios.)Call K7YXU, John Nash, at 284-3217.


7 to 10 amp power supply to run a mobile 2 meter rig. Also, plastic battery case for a deep cycle marine battery. Call Terry, N7GDM at 587-7400.


Gallatin Ham Radio Club

P.O. Box 4381

Bozeman, MT 59772


Web Site://

Dues: GHRC dues are $20/person, $25/family, $10/student

EagleHead: $30/year