GHRC Meeting Oct. 6, 2005



Meeting called to order at 19:03

Secretaries Report: Minutes are on the website

Treasurers Report: $1757 in the bank


Announcements: AA8Y: Christmas dinner Dec 11, at the Grandtree. Gather at 6pm and Dinner at 7pm.

W7LR: 7th area QSO party

New member: Mike, K5KQR

KJ7UN: Computer in ham room at the EOC has been upgraded to windows XP and has

A new printer, and there is a filing cabinet in the ham room.


Committee Reports: KC7EWZ & KJ7UN: two callouts, one at Ft Ellis and one for mutual aid for Park

County for a lost hunter, they were able to establish good communications.

SAR Board Mtg: Ordered a batch of new radios due to some roll over money from



Exam Session: 2 up-grades from Tech to General


Old Business: Hamfest: The trailer will be used for talk-in . PR to paper. PSA to KMMS, MOOSE

Staffing for Hamfest jobs.


New Business: Mass Casualty excersize at the airport on Sat, Oct 22

Communications at BDH, EOC and FEDEX

What is our task for the excersize?


KC7EWZ: Interested in starting training sessions with SAR hams


Meeting adjourned at 20:51