Gallatin Ham Radio Club

Meeting Minutes for September 2, 2010


Due to a late helicopter several members, including our President were late or unable to attend. They were working at the Bridger Repeater site. Vice President Allan Schrum, AI4RO stepped in for Todd Gahagan, WA7U. Kathi Gregoire, N7UNI stepped in and took minutes in place of our regular secretary, Don Wilson, KC7EWZ

Present at the meeting and signing the role sheet:

                Allan Schrum, AI4RO

                Ray S. Babcock, AD5RB

                Vivian Linden, K7CUB

                Kathi Gregoire, N7UNI

                Jerry Gregoire, KD7WLX

                Dale Heidner, W7NAV

                Irma Heidner

                Kay Newman, N7ZHN

                David Ford, KE7CAP

                Norm Reger, KD7TQM

                Bob Bare, KF7BBL

                Rich Michau

                Bruce Walker, KE7SJZ

                Don Godward, N7FLT

                Don Ward, AC7VY


VP Allan Schrum, AI4RO called the meeting to order at 7pm

                Introductions with one highlight from the summer were shared by each person.


                Old Business:  no old business

                Treasurer's report: $2,580.12

                Committee reports:

                                AI4RO requested ideas for programs.

                                School club: in process of moving an antenna. Earned 1st place in school club round-up! 

                                                Will be starting up again first part of October.

                                VE: testing this Saturday, so far 3 have signed up to take tests. Location is conference

                                                room in Search and Rescue building (same room GHRC has monthly meetings)

                                Foxhunt: this Saturday 10am - 1pm

                                Repeaters: repairs have been done to .88 and the .82 - .88 link. New generator installed

                                                at Bridger site.

                                Belgrade Fall Festival: September 25th. Contact Norm, KD7TQM for more info.

                                Tour de Cure: Jerry, KD7WLX has a good number of volunteers and willing to take more.

                                                Contact Jerry for more info. Tour de Cure is a fundraiser for the American          

                                                                Diabetes Association held near Three Forks September 11. Will be

                                                                using the .38 in local mode and .88 repeaters.

                                Ridge Run: Kay Newman, N7ZHN said this was the most "uneventful" Ridge Run.

                                                There were 42 no shows and 307 started the race.

                                Lewis and Clark Marathon: went well

                                Search and Rescue: pretty quiet summer.

                New Business: club events are paid for from the club account. For example, the summer picnic

                                facility rental and burgers and dogs, condiments.

                                It was noted that not many GHRC members travel to other Ham events in the state.

Meeting adjourned at 7:45pm and was followed by the program, "Antenna Modeling: Basic Theory and Practical Software" by Allan Schrum, AI4RO