Minutes for September 6, 2012 GHRC Meeting


Vivian Linden    K7CUB                                                   Ray Babcock                       AD7RB

Todd Gahagan   WA7U                                                   Dave Ford                           KC7CAP

Larry Springer    K6PJ                                                       Eric Anderson                    KF7OLR

Falicia Anderson  KF7TAH                                             Don Godward                    N7FLT

Norm Reger       KF7TQM                                               Rich Michau                        KF7LVE

Dale Heidner      N7NAV                                                 Irma Heidner                     XYL

Robert Waldeisen    KE7SJZ                                          Jack Myers                          N7ODN

Don Wilson         KC7EWZ                                               Jim Hall                                 AA8Y

Ralph Bergantine      KC7PFH                                        Wayd Walker                     KF7LVF

Allan Schrum          AI4RO                                               Jerry Gregoire                   KD7WLX

Karen Schunke      KF7QJJ


After  roll call, KD7WLX introduced Jennifer Drinkwalter for a presentation about Cycle Greater Yellowstone. It is a bike ride in August of 2013. They would like ham radio coverage on the course.

A discussion would follow the meeting.


KD7WLX asked for a review of the minutes of the June meeting. K7CUB summarized the minutes, WA7U moved to approve the June minutes, it was seconded by KC7CAP and the motion passed.

Gallatin Ham Radio Club

Prepared by KF7OLR

Balance July 1, 2012                                                                                 2,297.24

Deposit:   Ham fest                                                +220.00

            Ham fest: Donation of                        +19.00

                               Sales from Jerry’s table   +24.00

                               Check total                          +75.00

       Grand Prize                        -375.00

                               Ticket basket                       -44.00

Deposit:   Dues                                                          +30.00       

Total Income                                                                                               +250.00

Caliber Enterprises (website)                              -109.00

            Little Stinkers (Field day)                                      -170.00

            Picnic Reservation                                                    -75.00        

            Picnic Food                                                              -134.00

Total Expenses                                                                                            -487.00

Balance August 31, 2012                                                                         2,059.24



K6PJ announced the classes he would hold at MSU. If interested, contact K6PJ.

N7ODN won the grand prize at the ham fest!

There is an open house at the new West Yellowstone SAR building September 26.


VE Report

AD7RB reported that 3 people passed the tech test at the hamfest.

The classes taught by K6PJ have licensed 35 people.

They would like to start the student station at MSU again. It would be student led.


88 Net

K7CUB reported that attendance on the net has been slim this summer. There is a need for another ham to be net control once a month.



During the fires SAR HAMS have been listening to traffic and passing traffic when needed.

There were a couple of searches one with a broken leg.

There was also a lost alzheimer’s  person. There will be a workshop October 6 & 7 to learn about characteristics of alzheimer’s  patients.


Fox hunting

There was a fox hunt at the hamfest.



KD7TQM reported that “We had one!”

N7ODN reported on the book sales. Some transactions are still being completed. The net profit currently is $66.23


School Club will start in October


Parts       WA7U reported that he has coax, power pole connector and other parts. He is also missing a coil of coax. If someone borrowed it, perhaps they could return it.


ERA  No report.  Bridger and High Flat have noise issues with commercial installations

KC7EWZ and KI7XF have made preparations to move the147. 72 repeater to the SAR building in West. They have also made trips to the 146.82 repeater.


Events    KC7EWZ reported on the events that were done this summer.

Blazing Saddles,  Iron Man, Exterra, Bangtail 38, Ridge Run

A check for $250 was received from the Ridge Run.


Tour de Cure will be coming up on September 15. Let Jerry know if you can help.


The Belgrade Fall Festival will take place on September 29. Let KD7TQM know if you can help.


Old Business

The Club picnic was in August. All had a good time. 10 days advance notice is needed for the permit.


Elmers list-Jerry passed around a paper for folks to sign up to help.


New Business

KF7OLR reported that W7LR is in the new QST

KI7OJ is home and continues to improve


N7FLT noted some cables are needed for the ham room. KC7EWZ moved to purchase the cables. KF7LVE seconded the motion. The motion passed.


KD7TQM reported that the packet station is installed at Bridger. Thanks to KL7JGS for doing the installation. It is open for all to use. 145.010 BZN is the frequency.


There was a discussion about helping the Greater Yellowstone Cycle event August 18,19,20, 2013.

There was a discussion about helping organizations that profit from the events. KD7WLX suggested that guidelines would be needed. K6PJ asked if coms could be done another way.  As long as serving for public  safety is the goal, it should be done.


KC7EWZ moved that we do 3 days of the cycling event in 2013. KF7LVE seconded the motion. It passed.


K6PJ talked about the students at MSU have that station going again. It would be run by the students.


Jerry asked people  to pay dues if they have not been paid.


KF7LVE moved the meeting be adjourned. It was seconded by N7FLT. The motion passed.


Respictfully submitted,