Meeting Minutes

September 2, 2004

Meeting came to order at 1900

Treasury report

No report

HDBX hardware purchased by N7FLT. Laura has a bill for club that Don Wilson said is between $70 & $100.

Don Wilson has a bill for Eagle Head for battery release caps.

There was discussion on who should pay for what at Search and Rescue Building.

Committee Reports

Todd discussed lack of picnic this year and also moving .77 repeater after putting up new antenna.

Don Wilson discussed acid spill at Flat Head and that he and Don Rigley cleaned it up. Don Wilson has purchased vent caps for the batteries and said they still had shipping caps on which caused the acid spill.

Harley put up new controller this summer and it is working well.

Todd said there is another trip planned to Flat Head to clear things up.

Jack has a test session this next Saturday and has enough V. Es

Jeff had new Band Plans that he obtained and handed out.

Don Wilson gave a report on S & R. Sheet rock is up and it is looking good.

Tom W Tod and Don R. helped set the base for the Tower.

Todd reported no firm date on completion of S & R Building.

We have the NWP Building reserved for the next meeting: we thanked Rick for this.

Bill Merick is donating the tower for the S & R Building. According to Todd it is six, eight-foot sections.

Discussed availability of antennas and placement

Ham Fest will be held 16 Oct. 2004. Don Willson will contact ARRL.

Discussed programs and presentations. Don W. will try to arrange them. There will be no commercial vendors this year.

Jack will arrange for testing at ham fest.

This year’s Ham Fest will determine how next years will be organized.

New Business

Don W. is handling the Lewis and Clark marathon on Sept 26, 2004.

On Sept 18 there will be a parade in Belgrade. Anyone interested in helping can contact Jim Godward.

Vivian thanked all those for help on the nets.

Jack thanked Harley for working the last V.E. session.

The code for the auto patch is *77 (up) #(down)