GHRC Meeting Sept 1, 2005

Meeting called to order @1900 but the president, KE7CAP, Dave

Sec. Report:

Treas. Report: approxamately $1770 in the bank

Announcements: W7LR WIMU Hamfest is starting again. The dates are Aug. 4,5,6, 2006 in Jackson WYAPCO the end of this month

K7CUB: School Club Roundup; Sacajawea Middle School got 1st place this year for middle/jr-high schools, 334 QSO’s 97194 points, 45 states, 41 schools, 22 dx countries, 7 clubs, and 5 Canadian provinces.

N7ODN: Exam session Sat, 9/3/05 at Cobleigh Hall at the university.

KC7EWZ: Lewis and Clark Marathon.

Committee Reports: W7LR gave a report on the ’88 repeater. Wants to move the antenna but need to wait for the forest service to move to move their antenna. We will put our antenna on the tower that she FS antenna is on now. The generator has been moved and the trash was taken down.

Mass Casualty excersize Oct 22

Belgrade Fall Festival Sept 17

Old Business:

New Business: Ham Room at the EOC needs a printer/copier

Marla website sucks!!

AA8Y presented a drawing for a proposed communications trailer and was nominated to the trailer committee.