Winter Field Day


Winter Field Day 2024 
will be

Saturday January 27
Sunday January 28
(from Noon until Noon)

See the Website

The location of the previous Winter Field Day

was Headwaters State Park Campground
on the Missouri River near Three Forks MT

Our local Winter Field Day contact is
Wayd Walker WA7YD at (406) 539-7721

Please note that you can rent a campsite. 
Please see the information below
which describes plans for previous years

  • Friday:
    • Starting on Friday at noon the setup of the antennas and station will commence.  Contact Wayd if you want to participate.
  • Saturday:
    • There will be two heated wall tents.
      • The first tent will be where the field day radio station
        (Yaesu FTDX-3000) will be set up.
        Anyone is welcome, and encouraged to come
        to operate and/or observe.
      • The second tent will be available for warming up and visiting.
    • Starting at Noon Saturday and for the next 24 hours we will be using the field day radio tent to make contacts with other ham operators around the world.
    • At 6:00 pm on Saturday there will be a potluck chili feed. Bring a can of chili for the chili pot and whatever else you would like to go with it. If you don’t eat chili there will likely be an alternative. There will also be a cook stove available to cook or heat up other things.
  • Sunday:
    • On Sunday morning breakfast will be served.
    • At Noon Sunday the Field Day will end.  The radios, antennas, and tents will be packed up and taken home.

The Headwaters State Park Campground is normally closed in winter, but is graciously being opened to us to use for this event.
Campsites are available for anyone who wants to camp.
Regular off season campsite fees apply ($14 per night).

We will be monitoring the 146.88  repeater and 146.52 simplex
if you need help!

Campground Coordinates:
Latitude 45.933526  Longitude: -111.494161




What is Field Day?   It’s an on air contest intended to give operators a chance to practice radio skills in abnormal situations and learning to meet the challenges of emergency preparedness. It’s also a chance for the general public to come see us work and become interested in the capabilities of Amateur Radio. You don’t have to know a thing about ham radio to join in the fun! If you’re interested in Amateur Radio or emergency communications, then come join us and learn more!

All the forms, sheets, rules and info are available from the ARRL at