Search & Rescue Hams

Some GHRC members are also members of GHRC Search & Rescue
— a division of Gallatin County Sheriff’s  Search and Rescue  [SAR]

Our GHRC SAR members are on-call  to respond to all requests for communications, mapping, personnel management, & related activities

 We train regularly and keep our skills up to date.  It is important to have good radio operator skills, charged and ready-to-go radios, knowledge of frequency plans, knowledge of GPS/Mapping, and related SW programs 

Our SAR individuals bring a willingness to respond professionally
at any hour of the day or night to assist the County in a SAR event.  
We provide training in ALL these areas, so if you are new to ham radio, we can get you going in Search & Rescue

Requirements to join:

1) Desire to respond to SAR events and training

2) Current Amateur Radio License

Additional Gallatin County Sheriff’s Requirements:

3) Current resident of Gallatin County

4) Submit to a Gallatin County Sheriff’s background check

5) Take & renew CPR course every two years paid by SAR

If you are interested in joining GHRC Ham SAR —
please email the club and we will send you information.
We would love to have you and we will help you get started.