Search & Rescue Hams

Some GHRC members are also members of GHRC Search & Rescue
— a division of Gallatin County Search and Rescue.

GHRC SAR members carry pagers and respond to all requests for communications, mapping, personnel management & other SAR related activities.  We train regularly and keep our skills up to date.  It is important to have good radio operator skills, charged and ready-to-go radios, knowledge of County frequency plans, knowledge of GPS/Mapping and related computer programs  and a willingness to respond professionally at any hour of the day or night to assist the County in a SAR event.  We provide training in ALL these areas, so if you are new to ham radio, we can get you going in Search & Rescue!!

Requirements to join:

1) Desire to respond to SAR events & training

2) Current Amateur Radio License

Additional Gallatin County Sheriff’s Requirements:

3) Current resident of Gallatin County

4) Submit to a Gallatin County Sheriff’s Department Background Check

5) Take & renew CPR course every 2 years (paid by the County)

If you are interested in joining GHRC HamSAR, please email the club and we will send you information. We’d love to have you and we’ll help you get started.