Classes — Test Preparation

As they say “Back in the Day” ..

We had a member who offered help study/prepare for license tests 
— three classes were available : one for each of the License Classes 

Currently we have no one affiliated with GHRC that offers training 

In the future —
if someone is prepared to work with us and provide such training
we will update this website with the information.

Check Back Later

You will find many websites and books to help you prepare
for taking the amateur radio license examinations

The premier resource for amateur radio is
Look at the website for “The American Radio Relay League” 

The website is a great resource for amateur radio
The section there for practice tests offers a good way to study

Another popular website is
Look there for good information about how to get your license
as well as study guides, questions, and practice test

Other practice tests are available here ::
* RadioQTH

See the following GHRC website pages
Get Started” and “Ham Radio Licenses Exams