Several of us in the club have begun operating PSK31.

What is it?    Phase Shift Keying, 31 Baud

PSK31 is a mode that offers a new and higher level of performance in conversational communications for hams. All you need is a personal computer (nothing fancy), a PSK31 interface (inexpensive at, your HF radio and some of the great, free programs that have been created by hams and for hams – and at NO COST they share it publicly.

A couple of the frequencies you’ll find local hams using PSK31 are:

10 Meters   28070
15 Meters   21070/80
20 Meters   14070/80
40 Meters   7070/80

PSK31 has only been around a short while, but it’s popularity has really grown.  It’s fun, easy to get set up and there’s some local help to guide you along the way.

Come join us in discovering why PSK31 is so much fun!

For personal help, send us email and one of us already enjoying and experimenting in the fun will get back to you!

Current PSK31 Operators: