Remote Stations

If you are are new to Amateur Radio you can get started by using an Amateur Radio Station via the internet.  The websites listed here  will give you access to a station without having to setup one at your home.  Some of the websites contain stations that only receive signals and others permit you to transmit and receive.

If you use a station that permits the use of a transmitter please remember you are responsible to transmit on the frequencies and modes that are permitted by your Amateur License

WebSDR Free Web Software Defined Radio This is a website of Software Defined Radio
receivers that can be found all over the world. 
The site gives you access to receive HF frequencies
from over 160 stations around the world
RH Free Remote Hams Access to operating remote amateur transceivers and more.  This is a free service with the option to donate. 
The site provides access to:

  • Africa — 3 stations
  • Australia — 8 stations
  • Caribbean — 6 stations
  • European Union — 62 stations
  • New Zealand — 3 stations
  • North America — 120 stations
  • South America — 15 stations
  • South Korea — 12 stations
RHR Paid Remote Ham Radio  You can rent transceivers and receivers from this website.  The site has four different services.   This is a premium service with special station locations,  antennas, and equipment. A 30 minute trial period is available.
See RHR Pricing for details.

  • RemoteDX
    • $99/yr Membership + airtime (starting at $0.09/min)
    • Access to 6 meters to 160 meters
    • 10 stations up to 500 W
  • PremiumDX –
    • $999/yr Membership + airtime (starting at $0.09/min)
    • Access to 6 meters to 160 meters
    • 21 stations up to 1,500 W
  • RemoteSWL
    • $99/year + airtime (starting at $0.09/min)
  • PremiumSWL
    • $999/year​ + airtime (starting at $0.09/min)