Start With Ham Radio

How to Get Started 

So, you want to be a ham radio operator?  Or maybe you want to know why you should want to be a ham radio operator? 
Either way, this is the right place. 
At the Gallatin Ham Radio Club, we welcome you
to the wonderful adventure of Amateur Radio!

Things to do in Amateur (ham) Radio:

  • Talk to friends and family who have ham licenses
  • Make new friends.
  • Join group ham activities, meetings, coffee break, contests and more
  • Join a local repeater net.
  • Join Ham-SAR ~  local Search and Rescue operations with the County.
  • Go National, and join ARES or RACES.
  • Join SKYWARN and become a weather spotter.
  • Use Packet-Radio and talk around the valley to those “on the cluster”

Amateur Radio License Classes

There a three classes :  { Technician    |   General    |  Amateur-Extra }
   [[ No  Morse Code  requirement exists for any class of license ]]

Study for your exam — use this book ::

“The ARRL Ham Radio License Manual”
“All you need to become an Amateur Radio Operator”

What radios do you need to get started ? 
There are many entry level radios to get started with. 
If you want, you can post to our club’s Reflector (ie., email list) 
for used handhelds – or you can buy one from

You can use the GHRC Reflector if you are in club’s email list ( join). 
If you don’t know how use the reflector — then send a message
and ask for instructions on how to use the Reflector [Email list]

There are many ways to get started. 
This should give you some things to think about ::

You can learn from a computer program, the web, book, videos, …
or with a tutor ( also known as an Elmer in Amateur Radio )
If you are interested in talking with someone in the club
please  come to one of our club meetings
Let us know who you are, and we will work with you to help you
with your needs and possibly find someone to be your Elmer.

Ready to take a test and get your license ?
   Click here for a list of test venues and dates.

So contact us today, and you will be on your way
enjoying the fun of being an amateur radio operator 

Amateur Radio Clubs

Call Sign Name Address  
W7ED Gallatin Ham Radio Club  GHRC, PO Box 4381, Bozeman MT
W7YB MSU Amateur Radio Club Cobleigh Hall 633 MSU Bozeman MT
K7BOZ Gallatin SAR Hams 418 S Black Av Bozeman MT
NX7W Southwest Montana DX Assoc 415 W Dickerson St Bozeman MT
W7LR Eaglehead Repeater Association 4620 Conestoga Circle Bozeman MT
WR7MT Montana Repeater Link Assoc