Amateur Radio Exams

Our club, W7ED, offers in-person exam sessions
before each monthly club meeting.
Additional exams will be added as needed.
Another exam session might be held in June
during our club’s Field Day.

See all upcoming in-person exam dates
and to register online

When the FCC assigns your call sign, you can look it up on the FCC Universal License System.

There is $14 fee for the exam to be paid when you take the exam. Also the FCC charges $35 for new licenses which you pay for on-line

There is no additional FCC fee if you are upgrading your license
to General or Amateur Extra and your license has not expired

Please see the VEs at the exam if you require more information.

If you need information or preparation for an exam
see the page “Classes — Test Preparation

If you prefer online training, consider offers free study and test preparation for the Technician, General, and Amateur Extra class licenses

See the GHRC page “Amateur Radio Exam Questions
If you have any questions about the exam sessions