Renew Your License

Do you need to renew or get a call sign  ::

  •  your Amateur License ?
  • your Vanity Call Sign ? 

The FCC will charge an application fee for certain filings
For renewals ::

For information regarding Vanity Call Signs 
Visit this page at

Renew your license once it is within 90 days of the renewal date
Prior to that period, renewals will not be accepted
If you renew after your license expires, you must not operate
until your license renewal appears in the ULS

In all cases, you must not operate on the air without a valid license.

Note ::
See the box below for recent changes — helpful notes on license renewal

Ways to renew your license

[1]  Renew electronically online with the FCC via the Internet

Renewals of your Amateur License and Vanity Call Sign may be done online via the FCC Universal Licensing System (ULS)
You may file for electronic renewal at 90 days or less before your license will expire, or up to two years after expiration.

Your will need your FCC Registration Number (FRN) to login. 
If you do not have your FRN please “search” for your license
using your call sign on the  ULS
An FRN assigned to you it will be associated with your call sign. 
If you have any problems, please contact ULS support
which can be found at the bottom of their webpage.

If you created a ULS account with FRN and password
— login here :  FCC Universal Licensing System (ULS)

If you registered and have an FCC Username account
— login here :
FCC Registration System (CORES)

Processing time can vary depending on the FCC’s workload.
Use the ULS website after a few days to look for your call sign
and see if your license renewal request has been processed.
If your call sign renewal is not processed after a few weeks
you may contact the FCC by using the information found at the bottom of the ULS webpage

[2]  Use services available on the web to renew your license 

Look to the website W5YI Licensing Services (VEC) :
Refer to their specialty page — Amateur License Renewals

[3] Renew your license via ARRL — Callsign Renewals @ ARRL

The free option is only available to current ARRL members. 
Non-members will be charged a fee.

[4] You might file your renewal by mail directly to the FCC

You can download Form 605 on the FCC Forms Webpage
Please follow instructions for Form 605 provided by the FCC.

Special Note: 
Do Not use NCVEC Form 605 when mailing to FCC —
 FCC Form 605 is required, and it is the only form accepted

Helpful notes on license renewal

Note ::
Recent update from FCC Commission Registration System (CORES)

Request Vanity Call Sign

For information regarding Vanity Call Signs —

* Visit this page at
* Review notes at RadioQTH

Develop your preference list of desired vanity call signs
Use online resources to help with this — for example

Renewals of your Amateur License and Vanity Call Sign may be done online via the FCC Universal Licensing System (ULS)

  • Use your FRN and password to login at ULS
  • Follow for the link or menu “My Licenses”
  • Select your current call sign from the list
  • Follow the link “Request Vanity Call Sign”
  • Select [o] Primary station preference list
  • Provide your ordered list of [1..25] call signs
  • Complete the application and submit it
  • Login at CORES and pay the required fee 
  • Check the status of your pending request 
  • Expect it takes 18-21 days for processing

Use the GHRC page “Comments or Questions” if you want help